What to Wear Guide

One of the biggest challenges clients come to me with is how to pick outfits for their portrait session. I find that people just don’t know where to start or are overwhelmed with all the options and second guess themselves.

I’m here to tell you it’s not as hard as you think it is to look stylish and coordinated for your portrait session.


Start with Mom!

As moms we realize it’s easy to find adorable outfits for our kiddos and clothing is pretty easy for guys. I always suggest when coordinating outfits mom’s outfit should be what everyone else’s is based off of. It’s important that mom feels comfortable and confident.

Coordinate with a set of colors

The old school way is putting everyone in a matching shirt and pants, this look is not only dated but it doesn’t show the personalities of the individuals that make up your family.

I always suggest working within a set of colors to give yourself both boundaries and freedom to really customize the look of your portraits.

So Since we are starting with mom, let’s say mom has chosen a floral print dress with warm toned flowers with tones of Oranges, Reds, Peaches, Yellows, Sage Green and Khaki on a black background. That is 7 colors to choose from right there. So Dad could be in Khakis and a yellow shirt. A Daughter could be in an adorable frilly dress in sage green or peach with a big bow in another coordinating color. A Son could be in a white linen button down and sage green slacks or cargo shorts.

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