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The Motherhood Event { Bucks County and Montgomery County PA Family Photographer }

Mommy & Me, Bucks County Photographer, Mongomery County, Abington, Willow Grove, Child Photography This year will be my second Mother's Day with my son and a lot has already changed since this time last year. A year ago I was snuggling him up in my arms for hours a day. This year I'm lucky if I can catch the little runner for a quick hug before he wiggles right back out of my arms and continues on his way. He grew as fast as everyone said he would, but it still seems unbelievable. I'm thankful for the images I have created with him as he grew. My Favorites are the shots of him and I together, because I am always taking the pictures (obviously) I rarely get in them myself, yes I'm guilty of this too. Last June I did a Nursing shoot with a friend of mine and also got a couple with him on the beach in September. The pictures that aren't taken on my phone are such a blessing to me. The clarity, color, and depth of an image taken with a real camera by a professional is an undeniable gift. I'm so happy that my calling in life was to create images to capture these quick little moments in the lives of others. These images are just glorious in print, something that phone pics rarely get made into.

It's time to upgrade from those selfies ladies. It's time to invest in a beautiful portrait of you and your child(ren). I know what you are thinking, "Once I loose the baby weight." Please stop thinking like that!  Now is the best time, trust me, those kids love you how you are, more than you know. They love your "mom bod", because you are their mom and none of that other stuff matters to them. There will always be an excuse, there will always be a reason for you to push it off. Here is a reason to stop finding reasons, they are growing so fast before you know it they will be off to college and then building a family of their own. Yes, that itty bitty baby in your arms will be off setting the world on fire with their brilliance one day. It's really going to go THAT fast. I've had enough clients return and I'm blown away by how quickly their kiddos have grow into teens.  Don't miss out on this age. Don't miss out on the tiny hands in yours and the snuggles that only mommy gets. You are their WORLD. Who really cares about a couple extra pounds when you put it in that perspective?

From now until the end of May I'm holding the Motherhood event. These are DEEPLY Discounted sessions. I'm so passionate about getting Mom in the picture with the kids that I'm giving you files and a session for the same price a normal session fee is.  The Motherhood Event is a special that can be booked any day between today and the end of May, so it's totally flexible to book according to your schedule. I will have a couple of my favorite spots to choose from so you can also choose the location! If I made this any easier I would dress you too. Oh wait, everyone who books will get a clothing guide to help you pick the best pieces for your shoot.

So what are you waiting for? If you don't hop on this someone else will and take your spot. There are always a couple popular times such as weekends and evenings that go first. I'm also a little limited on how many of these I can shoot, May is already a busy month and I only have so many covered baby sitting days. ( You know how that is right?)

Mommy and Me, Tyler State Park, Bucks county PA, Montgomery County, Women's Portraits, Children's Portraits, Photographers

OK so here is the Run down:

When: Any Day between now and May 31st

Where: Your Choice of one of my top 3 favorite locations. (Forest, Garden, or Small Town)

What: Mom and her kids. I can accommodate up to 5 Subjects so yes Grandma can join you too. She is your mom after all right?

How: Click HERE to Book the session and I will be in touch to get a date, time and location set with you.

Investment: $150 includes your hour session at the location of your choosing as well as 8 Standard resolution images via Digital download. This of course includes the standard editing of your images as well.

F. A. Q.

Can my Husband be in the pictures?  This special event is for moms and kids only, there will be a family event later this summer that dad can also participate in. Sign up for our Newsletter for info on that.

Can I buy this special as a gift? Yes you can! Please just let me know it's a gift in the comments box when you check out. ***DADS this would make a great Mother's day gift. She will thank you for this***

Can I purchase additional images? Yes you can. Each additional image is $20 or you can purchase the rest of the gallery for $200 so you don't have to choose at all.

Can I purchase prints and wall art from this session? Yes, as always I pride myself on providing my clients with more than just digital files. You can always purchase gorgeous high quality wall art or albums from any session I photograph for you.

How Many images will I have to choose from? I promise 30-40 images for an hour session but often end up with closer to 50+ for kids with big personalities.


Mommy and Me, Bucks County, Newtown PA, Holland PA, Willow Grove, Abington, Montgomery County PA, Photographer, Kids portraits,

It's been a while.

Hey there.    Yeah.    I've neglected this blog for a while now. Apparently raising a tiny human and running a business keeps a girl rather busy, and somethings fall by the wayside.

Lincoln will be 6 months next week. I have no idea where the last 174 days have gone, it's all a blur of diapers, sleepless nights, baby snuggles, studio sessions, editing, visits to the framer, and client meetings. Thankfully this blog, and maybe the laundry, are the only things that I really have dropped the ball on. My turn around time has been extended on wall art by a few days but otherwise we're pretty on track, I'm actually kind of proud of myself to be honest.

I do have to say I have been incredibly blessed with a really, really happy baby. Yeah, he has his moments, but don't we all? We've made it to month six, he loves baby food and still exclusively breastfeeds, this boy has quite the appetite . He hasn't quite mastered sitting up, actually he shows almost zero interest in sitting up. Lincoln, at 4 months old, did start showing interest in crawling and getting places, by 5 months he mastered scooting across my floor army crawl style. That was for sure something I wasn't at all prepared for. I thought I wouldn't have to start really baby proofing the house till at least Christmas. So now we are hopping over baby gates and trying to teach the cat how to get around them. Most of all I'm constantly running around picking up flip flops and shoes before the little speed racer can scoot himself over and chew them. Why do babies have such obsessions with eating such yucky things? Any who...

I know what you really came here for, to see pictures of my adorable child, obviously...

(Sarcasm. I'm so NOT that Mom, ok well maybe I am a little bit. )

Bucks County Newborn photographer, Newborn, Hospital pics, Wonderland Portrait, Lincoln_Hospital_22317-67-Edit-2

Bucks County Newborn photographer, Newborn, Hospital pics, Wonderland Portrait, Bucks County Newborn photographer, Newborn, Hospital pics, Wonderland Portrait,

Bucks County Newborn photographer, Newborn, Hospital pics, Wonderland Portrait, Bucks County Newborn photographer, Newborn, Hospital pics, Wonderland Portrait, Bucks County Newborn photographer, Newborn, Hospital pics, Wonderland Portrait, Bucks County Newborn photographer, Newborn, Hospital pics, Wonderland Portrait, Link_4m-71

Bucks County Newborn photographer, Newborn, Hospital pics, Wonderland Portrait,


Baby C on the way!

Generally after the big Christmas rush of November and December I don't often get to photograph sessions for New Years, this year was a little different. I've photographed this couple and their fur-baby Addie for their Christmas card photo for years now. This year we opted for a New Years card with a wonderful and exciting message inside. We decided that their New Years card would be the perfect opportunity to announce their BIG New Years resolutions, both Addie & Mom and Dad. 2016 is going to welcome a new bundle on joy into their lives and I couldn't be happier for them. I can't wait to meet their little Price or Princess (AKA Addie's New little Human) Happy New Year Everyone!

Holland PA Family Photographer  New Years Baby Announcement

Holland PA Family Photographer  New Years Baby Announcement

Holland PA Family Photographer  New Years Baby Announcement

The 2016 New Years Resolutions:

Holland PA Family Photographer  New Years Baby AnnouncementHolland PA BABY Photographer  New Years Baby AnnouncementHolland PA Family Photographer  New Years Baby AnnouncementHolland PA Family Photographer  New Years Baby Announcement

Don't Forget the Studio is Moving to Holland PA 18940 this January Serving Newtown  Richboro Upper Southampton Northampton langhorne Churchville warminster warrington doylestown feasterville Morrisville Wrightstown Ivyland Furlong Washington Crossing and New Hope PA Pennsylvania

A New Wonderland for A New Year

newyear2016 The New Year is upon us folks. This past year has been unbelievably wonderful for me and my little business. I've met some great new people and photographed so many wonderful families, it's hard to believe how lucky I am. Everyday I get to do what I love, much of that is due to my clients who love my work and are so very dedicated to Wonderland Portrait Boutique, but I would never be where I am today if it wasn't for my Husband. Yeah, I got one of those this year too (Finally). It was a huge year for us, we had a quick small ceremony back in May and I wouldn't have done it any differently. He supports me and all my crazy ideas, weather it be painting our home in crazy bright colors with a hint of princess involved or my crazy leaps of faith in Business. For the last twelve years he has always been there to lend an ear, or tell me that I'm wrong, (very very wrong sometimes) and set me on a better path. Over the past few weeks I've been incredibly Quiet both here on my blog and my Facebook page. The 2015 Christmas season was the biggest I've had so far and it was wonderful seeing all of my regulars and a few new faces as well. Now some of those folks know a few of the awesome changes for 2016, but not all of you do. The past few weeks have been filled with not only Christmas sessions but tedious planning and designing the new Face of Wonderland Portrait Boutique.


2016 is bringing many changes to my business. One of those First changes is my new logo, I finally broke down and let a professional handle it, and I'm so happy that I did, because I am in love with this New Logo. Along with the new logo we now have a little mascot that will be gracing many of flyers, handouts, and even my website. I think he is absolutely adorable and I feel like he really needs a name, so maybe in the spring we'll have a big naming contest.






I've been a busy little bee designing all new handouts, so you won't have to rely on a PDF that is going to get lost in the sea of emails in your inbox anymore. That's right a real tangible paper handout, it's an oddity these days but so much more efficient. Speaking of efficient, I've also put work into making communication more effective on my end. I've set up auto sending emails, for everything from Outfit suggestions to general before session information and session reminders.

This past Fall I sent out a survey and had overwhelming responses to guide me into this New Year. Based on the answers I've made modifications to many of our studio policies and packaging structures. First the New Year will bring a new simplified package structure. I've narrowed down my two most popular options, Digital files only and Create your own collection, which gives you Wall Art or an Album as well as All your Digital Negatives in the Size that best suits your needs. In 2015 Create your own Collection was THE MOST POPULAR Package by far.  We will also be carrying gorgeous new High End Pro albums in the studio, they are completely customizable with a ton of beautiful cover and page options  and will last for centuries to come. Another Policy that will be Modified late spring early summer is the View & Order, I hope by then to be able to offer my clients same day View & Orders. This will be available on most sessions but of course there are some sessions that take much more editing than others, such as Newborn sessions. The closer to the launch of the Same Day View & Order the more details I will have for all of you.

Now for the big news, in a few weeks I will be moving the studio about 5 minutes from my current location. As Much as I love the charm of the older building that I am in, I knew it was time to move on to a location with a higher amount of foot traffic. My hope for 2016, is to grow my business, and hopefully with all the great new things mentioned above we will grow by leaps and bounds. The Studio will now be located in Holland PA, I will also have Office Space in this location allowing me to work right in the studio everyday, which will mean I will have regular hours for folks to stop in and have a consult or pick up. Sessions will still be by appointment only so that I can fully dedicate my time to each client and their family. The new space will also allow me to take on larger family session during the winter months, which was not always possibly in my past smaller shooting areas.

2016 is going to be huge for us, I can feel it. I can't wait to see everyone this year and create beautiful art with all of my wonderful clients.


Happy New Year everyone!

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Mr. E is Three! |Superhero Birthday | Richboro PA Birthday Photographer

Some sessions I am reminded of the endless amount of energy kids possess, this was one of those sessions. Mr. E is fast, like a speeding bullet, and has an amazing superhero narrative in his head. Just like a superhero he was ready to help me at a seconds notice, and get into "disguise" to fight evil doers. I met him and his family at Tyler State Park in Newtown PA and at first he was really shy, but it did not take him too long to open up and start having a great time. I knew that mom was bringing along his favorite set of capes that his grandmom had sew for him and that he loved to wear them. We started off with some formal family photos and then let him have some fun with his costumes. He showed off some of his flying skills and his best Batman and Captain America Poses for me, then we were off to the field. I had brought along my favorite little red radio flyer tricycle that was just his size, and he loved it.

This has to be one of the favorite sessions I've photographed lately, I really love this age. While they can be crazy fast and change directions often, I love that they are so uninhibited. I love that a three year old will just show you who they are and be them self. He loved pretending that he was super when he put that cape on, and had no qualms about it.

There is no "perfect" picture when you are photographing children, but there is an honest picture. A picture that shows them, and who they are at this age, they may not be perfectly posed and that's ok. I mean really how often are two and three year olds actually sitting still in one spot? It's honestly a rarity that I get more than five minutes of being able to instruct them on what to do.  Mr. E did great with my suggestions on which game we should play next and that really let his personality shine. Through our interaction I was able to capture amazing action and personality.

Check out the great time he had during our Super Session at the Park.

Bucks County PA Family Photo Pose Ideas Flow Posing Family in the woods | WonderlandPortrait.comBucks County PA Family Photo Pose Ideas Flow Posing Family in the woods | WonderlandPortrait.comBucks County PA Family Photo Pose Ideas Flow Posing Family in the woods | WonderlandPortrait.comBucks County PA Photographer Superhero 3rd Birthday Pose Ideas | WonderlandPortrait.comBucks County PA Photographer Superhero 3rd Birthday Pose Ideas | WonderlandPortrait.comBucks County PA Photographer Superhero 3rd Birthday Pose Ideas | WonderlandPortrait.comBucks County PA Photographer Superhero 3rd Birthday Pose Ideas | WonderlandPortrait.comBucks County PA Photographer Superhero 3rd Birthday Pose Ideas | WonderlandPortrait.comBucks County PA Photographer Superhero 3rd Birthday Pose Ideas | WonderlandPortrait.comBucks County PA Photographer Superhero 3rd Birthday Pose Ideas | WonderlandPortrait.comBucks County PA Photographer Superhero 3rd Birthday Pose Ideas |

DIY Leia Buns | Bucks County PA Family Photographer

DIY Leia Buns | Bucks County Family Photographer  

Hello out there! Happy Star Wars Day! May the 4th be with you! I know I'm a nerd. Star Wars means a lot in our house. A long time ago in a galaxy far far away... Wait.. No.. uh... Well a long time ago at least, early in our relationship, Ray said to me that we would get married once I had seen all the Star Wars films. I had seen them as a child but I'm never good at remembering movies or being the person who quotes them, so for him it was like I had never seen them before. I attempted to defend myself by saying that  I did remember "the little bears running around in the trees", this statement appalled him. So to the movies we went. I did end up remember a fair bit of the movies themselves, I also realized I really had only seen one Star Wars movie as a child. Well I've watched all but the latest movie and I really am a Star Wars fan now, and I can't wait for the new one to come out and be able to see it in Theaters.  I like to celebrate Star Wars Day and thought it would be fun to take a few themed pictures for my Instagram. I set out to create clip on Leia buns, because as most of you know I never let my hair grow very far past my ears, so real braids are not an option.

I also thought it would be fun to create a tutorial on how to make your own Leia buns for yourself and your little Leias.

Step one Gather your supplies. I used some brown yarn I had around, black felt, two hair clips, scissors, and my trusty Hot Glue Gun.

I wound the yarn around my forearm like I was rolling up an extension cord. I then removed it from my arm and cut the loop at one end all the way through all of the strands. When I was winding it around my arm, I didn't really keep count but I ended up with 30 separate strands all together.

I laid out the stands into two separate piles and them separate each of those piles into three sections. Tie knots at the ends of the three sections and begin to braid, and braid and braid. Once I was done I tied each set off with a knot. Make sure to tighten your knots down so they are at their smallest possible size, I just tugged it toward the ends till it wouldn't go any further. Now trim all the little pieces of excess yard from the ends, be careful not to clip the knot by mistake.

DIY Leia Buns

Take your Felt and cut out two circles, mine are probably about 2.5"-3" across, I traced around a lens cap with some chalk but a small glass would be just fine.

DIY Leia Buns | Bucks County Family Photographer

Take your smallest knot on each braid and glue it to the center of each circle, hold it there for a second to make sure it's secure. Now you will start winding the braid around the knot. Make sure the braid remains flat (so you see the top of the braid not the side) this will cover more ground on your felt circle, and make your faux buns more epic. I like to add a little glue as I go to keep the braid in place, just be careful to not glob it on, a little bit goes a long way.

This next part can be a little tricky. Once you have your braid wound around and glued down, you have a bit of a tail.  Line up where you will glue the end, bend back your felt a little bit and look for a little space between the felt and the braid that is already in position. Next you are going to carefully cut off the knot, so you are left with just tails. Glue your remaining braid into place, taking the tails and gluing them Under the existing braid in the row before, between the felt and the braid, be careful you do not burn your fingers with hot glue here.

DIY Leia Buns | Bucks County Family Photographer WonderlandPortrait.comThen trim your felt all the way around if you have not covered it all with yarn braids.

DIY Leia Buns | Bucks County Family Photographer WonderlandPortrait.comThe last step is attaching the hair clips to the back of the buns. I used alligator clips since that is what I had around, but you could also attach these to a child's head band if you are making them for your Little Leia.

DIY Leia Buns | Bucks County Family Photographer

Wa La. Fun hair clips for your epic Star Wars Viewing Party!

Toddlers & Cooperation. The never ending story.| Southampton PA Children's Photography

 The Art of Cooperation | How to make your child cooperate for a Portrait. | Bucks County Children's Photographer |


I recently posed a question to my Facebook followers.

"What’s the most overwhelming thing about having your photo taken?"

Majority of them stated, getting their children to cooperate. One of my long term clients wrote this: "Mine use to be child behavior, but now that you do my pictures it's so easy. Sometimes it's better just to walk away and let you do you thing. They always come out better that way!"

Now honestly I didn't pay her to write that (even though it sounds that way), but I am going to share the advice that I gave her many moons ago. This is one of my biggest tips, even though I have a ton, but I'm leading with the biggie.

Children are very sensitive beings, which I'm sure you know.  If you're happy, they get happy. If you're sad, they get sad.  If you're excited, they get excited. If your stressed , they get stressed. Let me repeat that last one again, for effect. If you're stressed, THEY GET STRESSED.

So lets touch on this one a little bit further. Mom's train of thought :: Oh My Goodness Bobby better sit still in one spot and listen to this photographer. He better smile. He better not embarrass me. What if he is rude? What if he just ignores her? I'm going to take away his iPad time if he's not good, I swear::  Or, well, something along those lines at least. So the day of your session arrives and now these thoughts have been rolling around in your head for a while, the scary fuzzy purple monster, known as stress, is growing. You can feel the anxiety expanding. You hit my studio doorway or our meeting place at the park and it's oozing from your pours. I can feel it and so can your child.

Let's first address what "good" means for a portrait session with Wonderland Portrait Boutique. For me, I want your child to be him or herself. Every kid has their own unique personality, and I want to see it. All normal rules go out the window during a session. For example a few weeks ago I told a child put their feet on my couch with shoes on! Eek! She looked at her mom for approval as I said "I'm sure this is a no no at home, but that is why I bought a faux Leather couch, I can wipe it down." Mom nodded at her with approval, she happily popped her feet up.  The only times I will really expect parents to correct a child is if they are doing something dangerous. If your two year old wiggles out of the pose I put him in, you don't need to correct them and threaten to take away their post session treat. That is just how a two year old is, and I know that I will have to continually put them back into a pose. When a kid is having a good time at a session they get silly and wiggly, it comes with the territory. On the opposite end are shy children. Shy kiddos generally just need a little bit of time to open up and get comfortable. With these children I find that I just need to speak softer to and play some silly games to gain their trust. All children go through stages, they just hit them at different times. I try to always be adaptable to each child's personality.

So now let's talk about that scary purple monster mom (or dad) has been carrying around for the last two weeks.  When it comes to children's photography you can't have any lofty expectations of Gap Ads. All the children on my website and facebook page are normal kids, I never work with professional models. All these children are showing off their own authentic personalities. I've learned that asking a bright bubbly child to pose with a serious face doesn't always work out. Same thing with a shy child, they aren't going to be comfortable being photographed in a very populated location. You know your child better than anyone. Who are they? Do they love books? Would they like to show off their action figure collection? What is it about Bobby that make him who he is?

Once my long term client (mentioned above), realized her son is just a little funny man she was ok with the silly banter between he and I.  He is allowed talk back to me during a session. Obviously, all parents want their kids to be respectful to adults, and he is, when we aren't shooting a session. When he's in front of my camera, he knows it's ok to call me a poopie head and he loves it, of course taking full advantage. Honestly, he makes me laugh so hard during sessions now, the things he comes up with are hilarious. That is him, that is his personality.

I am by no means a child psychologist, I've just seen a lot of kids in the last 12 years, and I've picked up on the trends. I've seen parents loose their cool way too often  and I've found most of the problem is the parent's expectation. Most folks are on Pinterest now and see these amazing fun poses and images. The thing that non photographers have to remember is you can't compare your everyday to someone else's highlight reel. That is exactly what Pinterest is, a Highlight reel, it's the best of the best. I'm not saying that Pinterest worthy sessions aren't a possibility, what I'm saying is that expecting to duplicate an exact pose and expression isn't always a realistic goal. Letting your kids be themselves is going to yield your best result.

Parents striving for a "perfect" portrait often stress themselves out, which the child feels and acts appropriately to something they feel is now scary. They want to grab mom or dad's leg or be held. Every one of those parents says to me "I don't know why he is acting this way, he's never done this before". It's that common, I honestly hear it often.   I don't want to come a across as I'm telling people how to parent their kids. I want my clients to have the best possible portraits.  I know what it takes to have a successful session and I realize that parents want this information.

A successful session starts with getting your child involved and excited. Since this post is already pretty long, I've decided to make this advice the subject of my next newsletter.  I'm going to send my top tips for a successful session directly to you. Click here to sign up for my Newsletter to ensure you will receive all these tips. 


How I've Recently Failed | Yardley Newborn Photographer

So I have to admit I've had a huge FAIL Happen recently. I became a victim of letting life happen to me and quickly loosing track of time. Almost weekly parents tell me how they didn't believe that the first year of their child's life goes by too fast until it's gone and they are now planning a Cake smash with me. I woke up the other day and realized it's APRIL!

Yeah I know my phone tells me daily, conveniently on the screen I unlock about a million times a day, but really how many of us actually pay attention to that. The last few months I've just been floating through life and letting it happen instead of making things happen and celebrating the everyday. I've fallen behind in all aspects of my life. I've lost touch with friends, in fact I still have Christmas presents hanging around I never shipped out (guess I should get on that).  I've had to scramble to get projects done because all the sudden the deadline is on my door step faster then I thought two weeks could ever go by. I've seen home projects fall by the wayside. Oh and forget about that scrapbook I started on New Years Day, that just sits. There are also a few crochet projects that are sitting on the shelf gathering dust too.

Yet in the midst of all this, I'm always on the go. I always have something to do. Are they always the things that are most important to me? Eh. Probably not, but that's life. That is how it works. We become all consumed with the trivial little things, like trips to the mechanic's, or adding up the year's receipts and we miss out.

We miss out on all the great things in life.

Mainly I'm writing this post because I realized that my sweet niece is now 2 Months old. At the same time I'm realizing I never shared more than a few of her newborn portraits and I've already taken more portraits of her for Easter. So here is a giant Post of Alyssa and a Promise to myself to take life by the horns and direct it where I want to go, instead of waiting for things to happen to me.

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.- Dr. Suess

Richboro PA Newborn Photographer

Valentine's Day Newborn Pose Richboro Photographer   WonderlandPortrait.comNatural Newborn Photography Poses  Newtown PA WonderlandPortrait.comClassic Newborn Photos Newtown PA Photographer WonderlandPortrait.comBaby in a Bowl Pose Bucks County PA Photographer WonderlandPortrait.comSleepy Newborn Poses  Richboro PA Photographer WonderlandPortrait.comRacing Newborn Poses | Drag Racing Tire | Philadelphia Newborn PhotographerChevy Newborn classic Car  Holland PA PhotographyBaby in a Tire Pose Newborn Photography  Churchville PA WonderlandPortrait.comSo those Easter pictures... Yeah. See the days that I always choose for picture day also seem to coincide with Alyssa's Diva days. Her first Newborn session was, well to put it nicely, a challenge. They brought her back a week later JUST to do the tire poses and she was a perfect angel. I got a ton of shots of her. The Day that I chose for her Easter session, just happened to be the day she was laughing in the face of the sandman and missed her morning nap. I don't know if it was that she was tired or really hated the dress I picked up for her but she gave me some interesting expressions. I've never had a little one be so uninterested in the funny noises and faces I'm making at them. Normally these would not be photos that I would even share but her tiny little faces are pretty funny when looked at all together.   My Favorite dress image has to be the close up face in the center of the next collage, she looks really unimpressed with me. (I think I may print and frame that one just to keep me grounded day to day.) We Finally coaxed a few grins out of her once we put her in her "casual" outfit.  Also Please note that I feel the final image in this post should be captioned "Really guys? Bunny ears?"

Bucks County Easter Photos WonderlandPortrait.comBaby Chicks Easter Photo Baby Portraits Bucks County PA WonderlandPortrait.comBaby's First Easter Pink Bunny Bow Yardley PA WonderlandPortrait.comBaby Faces Bunny Bow  Holland PA Photogrpaher  WonderlandPortrait.comBaby in Bunny Ears Newtown PA Photographer

A Year in Reveiw | Bucks County PA Family Children Photographer

Well, here we are, New Years Eve. It's been 365 days of pure awesome for me. This year I have  photographed and documented some of the MOST important moments in so many lives. I've photographed more babies and maternity sessions in 2014  than I have any other year in the past. I've photographed more families portraits than you can shake a stick at in 2014. Oh and lets not forget all the birthdays! Basically it was a busy year for me. I had a blast too, I've gotten to work with some of the best people this year, and for that I am Thankful. When you work in the industry that I do, it's often the case that people just don't appreciate what it is that you do.  Not many folks get it. I am very happy to say that I haven't run into too many people who didn't get it in 2014. I've had the pleasure of working with a group of folks who believe in documenting their family's legacy and see the importance of the printed image. I think my favorite part about my job is that I don't JUST take pictures, I document the lives of others. The images that I create for my clients will live on the walls of their homes for generations to come.  Hundreds of their friends and family member will look at these images and they will smile. For me, that is the end goal to make someone smile. Knowing that my clients love the art that I have created for them, really makes it all worth it for me. Thank you to everyone who supported this little bitty business of mine in 2014 and allowed me the honor of documenting your family this year.  I wish you all an amazing 2015 and I hope to continue to see all of your little ones grow through the years.

Happy New Year!

Bucks County PA Richboro WonderlandPortrait.comBucks County Family Photographer WonderlandPortrait.comNewborn, Family, Chidren's Photographer Newtown PAWashington Crossing Family Newborn Kids Photographer WonderlandPortrait.comRichboro PA Maternity Photographer

The Outer Banks | Personal

Last week was our first week back after a fabulous week in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It was a bit of a rough start to our vacation week, it was cloudy for our whole ride down and as we crossed the Wright Memorial Bridge, the rain began. Rain on your beach vacation is never a welcoming you want, but it stopped long enough for us to take a quick run to the beach just to check it out. The rain continued on and off for the rest of the evening and into the following days. Finally on the third day of vacation we got a real beach day and it was glorious, even though both the Mister and I got some annoying sunburn. It's so much easier to read and enjoy a book guilt free, when you know your work is at home 375 miles away, so I sat and read my little heart out.   We ended up with 3 good beach days in all, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. OBX Photography Vacation

On one of the decent beach days, Ray even tried his hand at surf fishing. In the past he's just never been into it, but this time his mom coaxed him into sending out a few casts. (I don't even know if that is proper fishing lingo, I sat on my beach chair and read my book while they fished). I was very surprised that on his fourth or fifth cast out he actually had a bite and was reeling something in. He caught a nice size Blue fish on his first attempt at fishing, I was so unprepared I didn't even have my phone out to get any pictures of him reeling it in. So I made him stand and take a picture with his catch afterward.

OBX Photographer Fishing Vacation

Now you may be wondering why I started this by saying we had a fabulous week, after all it rained 4 out of our 7 days at the beach. In Truth, just being on the Outer Banks is fabulous for us. On the rainy and overcast days we went to the cute little towns, like Manteo, we also hit a number of awesome antique shops, drank fancy coffee, Played board games, spent some time at Jennette's Pier and just simply saw the sights.  Now I will be real the rain did put a damper on some of my plans. When I'm on vacation, especially to somewhere we have been before, I don't really take too many pictures. I don't like to lug my big heavy SLR around or worry about it at the beach. I do, however, love to exercise my night photography muscles when we visit the OBX. There just seems to be more stars down there then up here at home, and that is one thing I absolutely love about our vacations in the Outer Banks.

Now I am by no means a Landscape photographer, my heart lays in Portraiture and working with people, but it is a nice hobby for me to do now and then. I always feel like I should have a subject in my landscapes as well, which I suppose would make them not landscapes anymore. I really only had one chance to shoot at night, and that particular night there was an amazingly bright full moon. I kept trying to make the images look like night time but the moon was just so bright many of them look like surreal sunrise images. It was just a beautiful night to walk on the beach and we saw many others while we were down there. In fact there was a big group of folks waiting for sea turtle hatchlings to make their debut and way toward the water. I'm not sure if that night or one night that followed was the night, but a few days later the netting protecting the nest was gone. I wish I had the patience to sit in one spot for that long, sea turtles hatching would be a really awesome thing to witness.

Outer Banks North Carolina Photographer Vacation Jennette's Pier Sunsets


I've decided to share a few of our vacation snapshots from my phone as well as some of the moonscape images I photographed on the beach. I went back and forth on weather I should use the snapshots I took with my phone, but honestly even Professionals rely on their iPhones to capture everyday life sometimes. So Please understand that all the images in this post were taken with my phone with exception of the night photography, these I captured with my SLR.

OBX Night Photography VacationOBX Star PhotographyOuter Banks Night photography Outer Banks NC Full Moon Photography


Mr. T's Construction Birthday ( Newtown Children's Portrait Photographer Bucks County PA )

As I stare out my office window at the frozen Tundra that is my backyard, I dream of the warmer weather that is just months away. I love Christmas and all the other holidays thrown in with it, but that's about it when it comes to the winter for me. I'd rather be on the warm beach reading a book than trekking through a snow cover forest( though it is really pretty and fun to photograph the novelty wear quickly with me). Thankfully during the summer and early fall I had some great shoots, and I saved them. I knew there would come a day over this winter that I would be "over it". So, I squirreled away a few images to remind myself and others of the warmth that is on it's way back even if it doesn't seem like it while the snow rages outside of my window. Today I have a little guy that I have been photographing since day one. Many of you know him as "tire baby" because I actually used a dragster slick in his newborn session. Which I would like to point out was photographed in my small apartment kitchen my first year in business, I was also the second floor apartment. His father carried this thing all the way up stairs and then polished the rim for the session. I have never doubted these parents in their dedication to having great portraits, they are a pleasure to work with because they truly enjoy the experience and contribute some great things. Well this year was Mr."T"'s second birthday and right now he loves all things construction, he was also going through that super shy toddler phase and didn't know what to make of me.

We had quite a time finding an appropriate location for a construction session, short of trespassing on an active work site we were stumped. Finally in the 11th hour mom & dad found a friend who had some equipment parked and said it would be fine for us to shoot in his yard. Score!! After we got "T" comfortable he was climbing all over that thing and running all about like a crazy little two year old should, though his is a very deep thinker at the same time and often paused to see what I was doing.

 Construction Birthday Bucks County Childrens Photographer Wonderland Portrait Boutique Dana Cook Construction Birthday Bucks County Photographer Wonderland Portrait Boutique



Show me some LOVE Photo Contest { Bucks County Photographer }

Photo_Contest_Banner Winter can be so blah and gray, but do you know what is smack dab in the middle of Winter?? Valentine's Day! With all its Spirit of Love and bright red decorations it's just the lift we need in the middle of these gray months.  Now I know what Love means for me but I want to see what it means for you. I've decided to run a fun little contest to see your interpretation of what love is and your creative side.

To Enter all you need to do is become my Facebook Friend {Here} and post your image to my wall, Please DO NOT post them on my Business page. I will only consider the images that are on my Personal page. After all the entries are received on February 14th I will choose the Top 5 then I'll leave the over all winner to the masses. Your friends and family can vote for your image once per day for the week of the contest. The overall winner will be announced on February 22nd.

The top 5 will be chosen by image alone so be sure that your photo speaks for itself and doesn't need a story attached to it. This is a Contest about Creativity and interpretation, so there is no right or wrong answer. I do have a few rules though:

  • The photo you post MUST be an photo taken by you, Please do not post Professional Photographs.
  • You must be my Facebook friend on my personal page. { }
  • This is a Fun & Friendly Competition, Keep it that way.
  • All entries must be received by February 14, 2013 at 12:00 Noon
  • Nothing Raunchy it isn't THAT kind of photo contest...

The Winner will have his or her choice of a Free mini-session with 3 Gift Prints or a 2 Hour one on one Photography Lesson.

Good Luck Everyone!! The Key to this contest is to be CREATIVE!!