New Boutique Book { Trevose Photographer }

When FedEx shows up at my door with boxes it's generally my print orders from the lab, and I'm like a kid on Christmas. Well today they brought me this Beauty... Image

This is the studio sample of my Boutique Books, and I absolutely adore it! To begin with the quality is just out of this world. It has super thick pages that are printed on actual photo paper and not on press paper like other books. There are also no gutters in the centers of the pages, so nothing goes missing, which is great for all those fun wide images I like to spread across two pages. The pages of this book are standard surface but you can also have them printed on Metallic paper as well. To change things up a bit I had the cover of this book done in Canvas, which has a really great texture. The Boutique Books come in 8x8, 10x10, and 12x12, with either a leather or custom cover.

Custom Albums are a great family heirloom to flip through on family nights and pass along for generations to come. Many people love the fact that they get so many of their images without having to put them all up on the walls and can conveniently store them on a shelf for till they want to reminisce.