Hello World!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my Blog, I will be sharing some of my favorite session here as well as the stories of the people in them. I'm not really one for words, I'm much better with the images, but I guess I should tell you a little about myself. Here are a few random thoughts about me:

•My Name is Dana • I'm a Children & Family Portrait Photographer based just outside Philadelphia in Bucks County Pennsylvania •  I'm a Proud mom to two Kitties, who I constantly post pictures of on  Instagram.• I'm not the greatest cook in the world, but I'm learning •  I like bright colors & funky patterns. •  When I have time for a hobby I enjoy all kinds of crafts but especially  scrapbooking and crochet.• I'm a TV-a-holic and I love 80's cartoons.• I was raised working in a family business and I hope to raise my children that way as well, I learned all about dedication and hard work from my grandfather during the summers I would help out.• I'm with an amazing man I've known I would marry since I met him, when we were freshmen in high school.• I love the twinkle in a Kids eye when they call you a silly name • Newborn sessions are some of my Favorite because I can just snuggle the babies for Hours, even though tinkle is a occupational hazard • I am a huge Disney Nerd!• I'm all about Vintage and the color teal •I'm addicted to Pinterest { Check me out here} •

Well I hope they were random enough thoughts for you, I'm hard to explain and much better in person. So I hope to meet you soon! Till then enjoy my blog and stop back often for updates and new sessions.

~ Dana.