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The Motherhood Event { Bucks County and Montgomery County PA Family Photographer }

Mommy & Me, Bucks County Photographer, Mongomery County, Abington, Willow Grove, Child Photography This year will be my second Mother's Day with my son and a lot has already changed since this time last year. A year ago I was snuggling him up in my arms for hours a day. This year I'm lucky if I can catch the little runner for a quick hug before he wiggles right back out of my arms and continues on his way. He grew as fast as everyone said he would, but it still seems unbelievable. I'm thankful for the images I have created with him as he grew. My Favorites are the shots of him and I together, because I am always taking the pictures (obviously) I rarely get in them myself, yes I'm guilty of this too. Last June I did a Nursing shoot with a friend of mine and also got a couple with him on the beach in September. The pictures that aren't taken on my phone are such a blessing to me. The clarity, color, and depth of an image taken with a real camera by a professional is an undeniable gift. I'm so happy that my calling in life was to create images to capture these quick little moments in the lives of others. These images are just glorious in print, something that phone pics rarely get made into.

It's time to upgrade from those selfies ladies. It's time to invest in a beautiful portrait of you and your child(ren). I know what you are thinking, "Once I loose the baby weight." Please stop thinking like that!  Now is the best time, trust me, those kids love you how you are, more than you know. They love your "mom bod", because you are their mom and none of that other stuff matters to them. There will always be an excuse, there will always be a reason for you to push it off. Here is a reason to stop finding reasons, they are growing so fast before you know it they will be off to college and then building a family of their own. Yes, that itty bitty baby in your arms will be off setting the world on fire with their brilliance one day. It's really going to go THAT fast. I've had enough clients return and I'm blown away by how quickly their kiddos have grow into teens.  Don't miss out on this age. Don't miss out on the tiny hands in yours and the snuggles that only mommy gets. You are their WORLD. Who really cares about a couple extra pounds when you put it in that perspective?

From now until the end of May I'm holding the Motherhood event. These are DEEPLY Discounted sessions. I'm so passionate about getting Mom in the picture with the kids that I'm giving you files and a session for the same price a normal session fee is.  The Motherhood Event is a special that can be booked any day between today and the end of May, so it's totally flexible to book according to your schedule. I will have a couple of my favorite spots to choose from so you can also choose the location! If I made this any easier I would dress you too. Oh wait, everyone who books will get a clothing guide to help you pick the best pieces for your shoot.

So what are you waiting for? If you don't hop on this someone else will and take your spot. There are always a couple popular times such as weekends and evenings that go first. I'm also a little limited on how many of these I can shoot, May is already a busy month and I only have so many covered baby sitting days. ( You know how that is right?)

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OK so here is the Run down:

When: Any Day between now and May 31st

Where: Your Choice of one of my top 3 favorite locations. (Forest, Garden, or Small Town)

What: Mom and her kids. I can accommodate up to 5 Subjects so yes Grandma can join you too. She is your mom after all right?

How: Click HERE to Book the session and I will be in touch to get a date, time and location set with you.

Investment: $150 includes your hour session at the location of your choosing as well as 8 Standard resolution images via Digital download. This of course includes the standard editing of your images as well.

F. A. Q.

Can my Husband be in the pictures?  This special event is for moms and kids only, there will be a family event later this summer that dad can also participate in. Sign up for our Newsletter for info on that.

Can I buy this special as a gift? Yes you can! Please just let me know it's a gift in the comments box when you check out. ***DADS this would make a great Mother's day gift. She will thank you for this***

Can I purchase additional images? Yes you can. Each additional image is $20 or you can purchase the rest of the gallery for $200 so you don't have to choose at all.

Can I purchase prints and wall art from this session? Yes, as always I pride myself on providing my clients with more than just digital files. You can always purchase gorgeous high quality wall art or albums from any session I photograph for you.

How Many images will I have to choose from? I promise 30-40 images for an hour session but often end up with closer to 50+ for kids with big personalities.


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4 Big Reasons You Need to Schedule a Family Portrait Session Now! | Bucks County Family Photographer


Richboro Child's Photographer

Tell Your Story!

I recently surveyed my friends and clients about their experiences and opinions on photography. One of the questions in the survey asked if they had taken a photo with their child/family. I was pleasantly surprised to see that majority of those who completed the survey had in fact answered Yes to this question. My heart swelled at this information. You'll often hear me preach about the importance of photography, but I'm a photographer so DUH Of course I feel it's important! Through the survey though I found that so many of you also see this importance.

Now on the Flip-side I was also rather disappointed in some of the answers, one in particular hit home for me, the question was " As a woman I would invest in photos of myself to pass down to my Children. True or False". The result was about an even split ( actually 45% Yes and 55% No). Many have heard the story of why I set out at a young age to be a photographer. When I was about 11 years old a Family member lost her mother to Cancer, she only had one photo of her mother. In the Photo her mother was hiding behind someone else trying to avoid the camera, because "she hated to have her picture taken". Even at the age of 11 I felt this family member's sadness at the fact this was all she had left.

I make sure my husband and I have our Portraits Made at least Bi-annually. No we don't have kids yet, but I want to make sure they know the love that they came from when they finally do arrive. Once we have a child I will make our Family Portraits an annual occurrence. I know that might be a pipe dream right now, I know that life with kids gets crazy and busy. I know that money will be tight in those first few years, but I also know that the money spent on portraits will be an afterthought when I'm sending my son or daughter off to college. I know that I will miss the tiny baby curls after their first haircut, and the missing front teeth once the big kid teeth come in. I know I'll miss all these things about my kids when they have far surpassed these life stages, but what will my kids miss of me if I'm not in any of those pictures with them? Will they miss that time I had that really weird haircut when they were 3 years old? Will they miss the way that their chubby little baby legs wrap my waist as I hold them at a Year old? Will they know how important their father is to me now, before they were even here? No. They aren't going to remember these things, because they will be too young to remember these things. A photograph can remind them. A photograph can help them see. They'll be able to see who we are before, during and after them.

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Your Children LOVE YOU!

Do you know the biggest reason moms give me for booking a family portrait session?

"I'm never in any of the pictures, it's always the baby/kids and my husband."


"I'm never in any of the pictures"


Just let that sink in a moment. I applaud these Mamas for realizing that they were missing and for doing something about it. I know I will be that mom. This may surprise some of you, knowing my husband is an amazing artist, but he refuses to learn how to use my SLR. Already the ratio of pictures of him is way higher than pictures of me. Now in all fairness he's more worried he will break it than actually refusing the knowledge, but still. So ladies I feel you, my scrapbooks are uneven too. Having someone else take the picture is the best way I can figure to show up in pictures in those first few years.

In the last year I've seen this article pop up in my Facebook timeline more than a few times. If you have never read it, it's basically about how much your child loves you in spite of the flaws mothers see physically in themselves. ( I warn you now you might cry reading it).

After moms tell me they are never in the pictures I tell them how a family session with Wonderland Portrait Boutique works. I always start off with the family shots then move on to each parent with the kids, the kids together and individually and then mom and dad together. 'Mom and Dad together' is probably the biggest objection I get for small family sessions "Oh we don't need that" "I'd rather the rest just be the kids". I don't know if people feel silly or what, but the Parents together is always a favorite shot during my extended family sessions. During these sessions generally Mom and Dad are now grandparents with older kids, it's the older "kids" (who are now parents themselves) that encourage their parents (grandmom and grandpop at this point) to get a photo together. So obviously it's important to the children that they have a nice photo of their parents. So when you say to me "we" don't need that, don't be surprised if I tell you, It's not for you, it's for the kids when they are older.

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It's Good for your Kids!

The reasons to schedule an annual family portrait far out weigh capturing this moment in time.

There is also the fact that displaying family photos in your home improves your child's self esteem and gives them a sense of place and purpose. This past February Design Aglow posted an article to their blog on this very subject. Here are a few quotes:

“I think it is really important to show a family as a family unit. It is so helpful for children to see themselves as a valued and important part of that family unit."

Displaying photos prominently in the home sends the message that our family and those in it are important to one another, and we honor the memories we have experienced,

“It says we love you and care about you. You’re important.”  '

You can read the rest of this article here

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A LOT Changes in a Year!

The photos below are from two sessions, almost a full year apart. The Family session with the pink outfits is from May 2014 and the mommy and me session in teal is from this past June (2015). I looked at these together for the first time today, and this is a perfect example of how much changes in a year. Although dad isn't in the second session, because it was a special for mother's day, he came to the session, so I can tell you he looks pretty much the same, as does mom. Their Daughter though almost looks like a totally different kid. Look at the little sass and attitude she has now and THAT HAIR!! Seriously the cutest little personality, and so funny! Last year at around 1 she wasn't as responsive to me, which I'm not ashamed to admit, that is just how it goes some days. One year olds sometimes just don't care that I am there and on a mission to photograph them.  This year though she was my best pal, and posed. In just a year, actually 11 months, her personality has blossomed and really started to show to the point I was able to capture it in Photographs. Now lets not count out that first session. It really shows how she loved to interact with her parent at that age, which will be huge to her when she is going off to college.

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Newtown Family Photographer

Get in the Picture, Your children will thank you for it!

A Year in Reveiw | Bucks County PA Family Children Photographer

Well, here we are, New Years Eve. It's been 365 days of pure awesome for me. This year I have  photographed and documented some of the MOST important moments in so many lives. I've photographed more babies and maternity sessions in 2014  than I have any other year in the past. I've photographed more families portraits than you can shake a stick at in 2014. Oh and lets not forget all the birthdays! Basically it was a busy year for me. I had a blast too, I've gotten to work with some of the best people this year, and for that I am Thankful. When you work in the industry that I do, it's often the case that people just don't appreciate what it is that you do.  Not many folks get it. I am very happy to say that I haven't run into too many people who didn't get it in 2014. I've had the pleasure of working with a group of folks who believe in documenting their family's legacy and see the importance of the printed image. I think my favorite part about my job is that I don't JUST take pictures, I document the lives of others. The images that I create for my clients will live on the walls of their homes for generations to come.  Hundreds of their friends and family member will look at these images and they will smile. For me, that is the end goal to make someone smile. Knowing that my clients love the art that I have created for them, really makes it all worth it for me. Thank you to everyone who supported this little bitty business of mine in 2014 and allowed me the honor of documenting your family this year.  I wish you all an amazing 2015 and I hope to continue to see all of your little ones grow through the years.

Happy New Year!

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The C Family| Fall Family in Bucks County | Newtown PA Family Photographer

I photographed the C Family a few weeks ago, I've been trying ever since to share this session with all of you. Right now I'm in the busiest season of the year, so unfortunately blog posts have been falling by the wayside while I push out big card orders and holiday gifts. I'm very happy to say that many folks booked early this year and I'm finally getting back into sharing all these great sessions with you. The day I photographed this family I was so very worried that it was going to be cold and windy, and it was actually one of the warmer late fall days that we had this year. We really lucked out with the weather, which was perfect since we had to walk for a little bit to get to one of my favorite spots in the park.  They were great fun, and this little lady is just full of personality.  Mom and Dad were great sports about my crazy ideas, which of course included throwing piles of leave in the air above their one year old who was in a super cute outfit. I'm glad they were because little lady loved the leaves and had a great time playing in them. I'm happy that I was able to achieve both traditional family shots as well as dreamy fairytale individuals of little miss. I just adore the few by the tree, the texture is amazing and the lashes on this little girl are to die for. It was very hard to narrow down this session to just a few to share, she did very well, even with all the distractions in the park. We did have to stop once to watch a big doggy walk by, but otherwise she is a little pro.

After we finished at the park, we headed back to the studio for some cake smash photos. I'll be posting part two of the sessions soon.


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Wrightstown Fall Family Photographer

It's been a very busy few weeks at the studio. Christmas is upon us and it's not even Thanksgiving yet! Sadly in a blink of an eye, all the leaves are pretty much gone and we are expecting snow in the next few days, where did our gorgeous autumn go?  As a reminder of how amazing our fall here in Pennsylvania can be, I wanted to share this awesome, fun, family session from a couple weeks ago.  I honestly feel that these guys should be in a magazine, they are just gorgeous and were so fun to work with! This amazing big sister really lives up to her title, she could not get enough of holding and snuggling her little brother, and he really did not mind all the attention in the least bit. Bucks County PA Family Photographer-

Bucks County PA Family Photographer-

Bucks County PA Family Photographer-

Bucks County PA Family Photographer-

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