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Winter Newborn Special

Bucks County PA Baby Pictures Winter Newborn January February 2016 Christmas is almost here! Yay! I've closed my Calendar for 2015 already, what a year it's been! I've already started booking Sessions for 2016, including newborns and cake smashes. This year I thought I would do something special for my Winter Newborn sessions. All Newborn sessions will include a free set of 25 custom designed 5x7 Linen or pearl finish birth announcements with an ala' carte or Create your own collection purchase. With Christmas right around the corner it's easy to forget that newborn sessions need to be booked in advance so here is a great reminder and opportunity to save a little on these precious memories! Fill out my Contact form HERE and I will help you get the ball rolling on booking your session!


Miss G | Yardley PA First Birthday & Cake Smash Photographer

In the past year I've had a few of my regular clients move away because work was transferring them. This family is one of those families, they are moving over seas to Europe in the next few weeks. Mom contacted me early for her little one's first birthday session because of this. I've known mom and dad for years and photographed them before their little girl arrived last year and in previous years for holiday cards. (See last years Maternity Session Here) I'm excited for them as they begin a new adventure but I'm also a little sad because I know I will only get to see their family grow from a distance, through Facebook and what not. I was so happy to be able to photograph Little Miss G's first birthday before they took their big trip across the pond to their next adventure. She did fantastic. She wasn't in the least bit worried about getting messy and loved the cake. That being said it was a bit of a challenge for mom to get all the cakes off as she kept some clutched in her hand, Maybe a snack for later I suppose? I had one Wonderland Family move across the country this past Fall. While I love seeing the fun pictures they post from their new home in California, it's also kind of sad for me. I know that I missed out on their youngest's first birthday, and sadly I don't know anyone in their area so I was unable to refer them any photographers. I know another Wonderland Family who will be moving south in the next month or two. They will be too far to visit my studio for regular sessions but we've decided maybe we can get together when I'm on my annual vacation in North Carolina, as that will be just a short drive for them.

All of my Wonderland Families are special to me, I like to think of every single one as a friend, and I truly miss them. I wish all of them luck in the next chapters of their lives and I plea to them, keep posting updates to Facebook and Instagram. I can't wait to see who your little people grow up to be.

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A Year in Reveiw | Bucks County PA Family Children Photographer

Well, here we are, New Years Eve. It's been 365 days of pure awesome for me. This year I have  photographed and documented some of the MOST important moments in so many lives. I've photographed more babies and maternity sessions in 2014  than I have any other year in the past. I've photographed more families portraits than you can shake a stick at in 2014. Oh and lets not forget all the birthdays! Basically it was a busy year for me. I had a blast too, I've gotten to work with some of the best people this year, and for that I am Thankful. When you work in the industry that I do, it's often the case that people just don't appreciate what it is that you do.  Not many folks get it. I am very happy to say that I haven't run into too many people who didn't get it in 2014. I've had the pleasure of working with a group of folks who believe in documenting their family's legacy and see the importance of the printed image. I think my favorite part about my job is that I don't JUST take pictures, I document the lives of others. The images that I create for my clients will live on the walls of their homes for generations to come.  Hundreds of their friends and family member will look at these images and they will smile. For me, that is the end goal to make someone smile. Knowing that my clients love the art that I have created for them, really makes it all worth it for me. Thank you to everyone who supported this little bitty business of mine in 2014 and allowed me the honor of documenting your family this year.  I wish you all an amazing 2015 and I hope to continue to see all of your little ones grow through the years.

Happy New Year!

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Baby A's First Christmas | Richboro PA Newborn Photographer

When mom and dad arrived at my Feasterville - Trevose Photo studio it was actually flurrying, the perfect greeting for a Winter Newborn. This pretty little lady did a great job for her first photo session, she was super sleepy and so easy going. Born at the end of November we did a few "regular" newborn setups, but of course had to do some Christmas shots to commemorate her First Christmas. I'm super excited to share this beautiful little lady with all of you. Enjoy! Christmas Newborn Photos Bucks County PA | Christmas Newborn Photos Bucks County PA | WonderlandPortrait.comChristmas Newborn Photos Baby's First Christmas Bucks County PA | WonderlandPortrait.comChristmas Newborn Photos Bucks County PA | WonderlandPortrait.comMom and Baby Pose Newborn Photos Bucks County PA | WonderlandPortrait.comParent pose Newborn Photos Bucks County PA | WonderlandPortrait.comDad and baby pose Newborn Photos Bucks County PA | WonderlandPortrait.comPurple Headband Pink Fur Newborn Photos Bucks County PA | WonderlandPortrait.comParent pose Baby in Dad's Hands Newborn Photos Bucks County PA | WonderlandPortrait.comClose up Pose Head band Pink  Newborn Photos Bucks County PA | WonderlandPortrait.comParent pose Newborn Photos Bucks County PA | WonderlandPortrait.comClose up pose Headband flowers Fancy Newborn Photos Bucks County PA | WonderlandPortrait.comTummy pose Delicate Headband Pink Wrap  Newborn Photos Bucks County PA |



Waiting for Baby G { Newtown Maternity Photographer }

As often as I complain about being cold (which is often and I'm sorry) I do love the look of freshly fallen snow, in fact I purchased snow pants JUST so I could comfortably photograph sessions in the snow.  I was very excited when Beth and Gary approached me to photograph their maternity and newborn sessions. When a Client says this to you: "I know I don't want to do all normal Maternity pictures I like to be different and creative... I want originality and I know that's you to a "T" and I'm so happy I have you as my photographer."  That is every creative person's dream.  I adore when clients trust me to create something wonderful for them. My head is filled with ideas that I don't always get to implement because well they sound a little crazy at first. Kind of like " I want to put you in a snowy field bare shouldered wrapped in red fabric", sometimes that scares folks, but not Beth she was all for it and I was thrilled. I'm equally thrilled with how everything came out. I've had this idea tucked in the back of my mind for quite some time now.  We've all seen images of Cardinals sitting on a branch of a snowy tree and that is kind of where I found the inspiration to go with red, I considered purple but I really wanted Beth to stand out and be the main focus. Beth and Gary were expecting a baby girl this April, I've known them both for a long time and have photographed them numerous times already. I was thrilled to hear that they were pregnant. For the baby's nursery they have a jungle/safari/camo theme, so they painted this great letter "G" to hang in the baby's room, it was awesome to utilize that throughout the session, making it even more personal.  It is certainly a good thing we photographed this session when we did, Miss Gwendolyn arrived just 5 days after. She was 6 weeks early, but from what I've heard from Mom and Dad she was just ready for the world. Everyone is doing great and I can't wait to meet the aptly named Gwendolyn Snow for her newborn session in a few weeks.

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