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A New Wonderland for A New Year

newyear2016 The New Year is upon us folks. This past year has been unbelievably wonderful for me and my little business. I've met some great new people and photographed so many wonderful families, it's hard to believe how lucky I am. Everyday I get to do what I love, much of that is due to my clients who love my work and are so very dedicated to Wonderland Portrait Boutique, but I would never be where I am today if it wasn't for my Husband. Yeah, I got one of those this year too (Finally). It was a huge year for us, we had a quick small ceremony back in May and I wouldn't have done it any differently. He supports me and all my crazy ideas, weather it be painting our home in crazy bright colors with a hint of princess involved or my crazy leaps of faith in Business. For the last twelve years he has always been there to lend an ear, or tell me that I'm wrong, (very very wrong sometimes) and set me on a better path. Over the past few weeks I've been incredibly Quiet both here on my blog and my Facebook page. The 2015 Christmas season was the biggest I've had so far and it was wonderful seeing all of my regulars and a few new faces as well. Now some of those folks know a few of the awesome changes for 2016, but not all of you do. The past few weeks have been filled with not only Christmas sessions but tedious planning and designing the new Face of Wonderland Portrait Boutique.


2016 is bringing many changes to my business. One of those First changes is my new logo, I finally broke down and let a professional handle it, and I'm so happy that I did, because I am in love with this New Logo. Along with the new logo we now have a little mascot that will be gracing many of flyers, handouts, and even my website. I think he is absolutely adorable and I feel like he really needs a name, so maybe in the spring we'll have a big naming contest.






I've been a busy little bee designing all new handouts, so you won't have to rely on a PDF that is going to get lost in the sea of emails in your inbox anymore. That's right a real tangible paper handout, it's an oddity these days but so much more efficient. Speaking of efficient, I've also put work into making communication more effective on my end. I've set up auto sending emails, for everything from Outfit suggestions to general before session information and session reminders.

This past Fall I sent out a survey and had overwhelming responses to guide me into this New Year. Based on the answers I've made modifications to many of our studio policies and packaging structures. First the New Year will bring a new simplified package structure. I've narrowed down my two most popular options, Digital files only and Create your own collection, which gives you Wall Art or an Album as well as All your Digital Negatives in the Size that best suits your needs. In 2015 Create your own Collection was THE MOST POPULAR Package by far.  We will also be carrying gorgeous new High End Pro albums in the studio, they are completely customizable with a ton of beautiful cover and page options  and will last for centuries to come. Another Policy that will be Modified late spring early summer is the View & Order, I hope by then to be able to offer my clients same day View & Orders. This will be available on most sessions but of course there are some sessions that take much more editing than others, such as Newborn sessions. The closer to the launch of the Same Day View & Order the more details I will have for all of you.

Now for the big news, in a few weeks I will be moving the studio about 5 minutes from my current location. As Much as I love the charm of the older building that I am in, I knew it was time to move on to a location with a higher amount of foot traffic. My hope for 2016, is to grow my business, and hopefully with all the great new things mentioned above we will grow by leaps and bounds. The Studio will now be located in Holland PA, I will also have Office Space in this location allowing me to work right in the studio everyday, which will mean I will have regular hours for folks to stop in and have a consult or pick up. Sessions will still be by appointment only so that I can fully dedicate my time to each client and their family. The new space will also allow me to take on larger family session during the winter months, which was not always possibly in my past smaller shooting areas.

2016 is going to be huge for us, I can feel it. I can't wait to see everyone this year and create beautiful art with all of my wonderful clients.


Happy New Year everyone!

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Abington PA Newborn Photography Studio

Before I took  my annual vacation this year I got to meet this little lady at my studio in Feasterville for her newborn session. She did wonderfully, it was the perfect last session before a vacation week. Miss A was a perfect little angel, loved to snuggle, and slept so well. I couldn't get over her beautiful red hair, and chunky cheeks. Here are a few of my Favorite images from her session. Abington PA Newborn Photography | WonderlandPortrait.comParent and Newborn Poses Abington PA Newborn Photography | WonderlandPortrait.comBaby in a Bucket Pose, Petti Skirt, Hands on Face Newborn Pose  Abington PA Newborn Photography | WonderlandPortrait.comSleepytime Pose with Bear Abington PA Newborn Photography |

Mermaid Tail Star Fish Pose idea Abington PA Newborn Photography |

Gray and Yellow Tummy Poses Abington PA Newborn Photography |

Sweet Baby S | Warminster PA Newborn Photographer

This little lady was sure a sweet little girl, slept like an angel and oh so snugly during her session. (I consider getting to snuggle babies as a major perk of my job.) Mom and Dad brought a few special items along with them for our session, one a hat, the other a chair. The hat was so cute, a little pink and purple bull dog hat, they are all about bull dogs and told me they have rescued a few in their time. They also have a "fur-child", which is a bull dog of course, and she is the princess of the house. I think Baby S is going to give her a run for her money as the princess and they may need to agree to co-rule the house.  The Second item was a rocking chair, it was a very special item to mom because it belonged to her father as a child. Baby S is a little too young to be rocking in a rocking chair just yet, so my pal bear hung out in it while she napped peacefully. Hopefully in the next few months we can show how she grows while reaches new milestones using the rocker and maybe for her first birthday we can get her rocking away just like her grandfather did when he was a little one. Baby Wrapped Purple Newborn Pose IdeasNewborn Poses Bull Dog Crochet Hat Newborn Pink Head Band Vintage style Wrap PosesNewbonr Poses Basket Rocking Chair Teddy bear Newborn Girl in Bucket Pose Flowers Floor FadeNewborn Girl Bear Hat Nighty Night Pose RelaxingNewborn baby girl Green and Pink Creative Wrap pose ideas

Owls & Tree Stump Slices | Langhorne PA Newborn Photography

July and August have been two busy months for Maternity and newborn sessions. I hung out with mom and dad in July for their Maternity session, August brought my chance to hang out with this little lady at the studio for a few hours. The theme of her nursery is Owls so mom brought along an owl hat to grab some shots in for hanging in her bedroom and we got a ton. Mom and dad also brought something else along, now I have posed newborns in and on a number of crazy things in my years as a photographer, but this was a first. When mom told me about the "slab", as we started referring to it, I didn't exactly understand what she was talking about. Well, as it turns out, I had it all wrong in my head, the "slab" was just that, a Slab of wood cut from a tree and used as the cake stand at their wedding. Once I saw it I totally got what she was saying, and really wasn't aware of a term for a flat piece of wood cut from a tree, so slab fit perfectly. I love the idea that it was used as their cake stand and now their little baby girl was napping on it. I've encouraged mom to bring it back for little Ms. R's 6 month milestone session this winter, I think it would be a great piece to show how much she grows.

Yardley First Birthday Portraits

This happy little lady visited me at my Feasterville - Trevose Studio for her first birthday portraits. She was a funny little lady, and so very happy and expressive. Her expressions run the gamut but I would say that the most variety was in the number of different smiles I got from her. We captured everything from, small sweet smiles to big laughing grins, it was fantastic, such a smiley little one. Check out all of her happy faces!  

Yardley PA First Birthday Ideas Portraits |

Yardley PA First Birthday Ideas Portraits |

Yardley PA First Birthday Ideas Portraits | WonderlandPortrait.comYardley PA First Birthday Ideas Portraits | WonderlandPortrait.comYardley PA First Birthday Ideas Portraits | WonderlandPortrait.comYardley PA First Birthday Ideas Portraits | WonderlandPortrait.comYardley PA First Birthday Ideas Portraits |

Mommy & Me | Breastfeeding Portraits |

Since my friend Rhianna had her son back in November we've been talking about how she would love to do breastfeeding portraits. I have done a few in the past but the moms wanted to keep them private, which I totally understand and respect. Rhianna is probably one of the most open people I have ever met and told me I could post whatever I wanted. This was a really exciting session to plan. We had these photos planned for later in the week, but I stumbled across this amazing field of flowers while out on my daily walk in the park. I called her right away squealing and praying that she was available that night, since I had no idea how long they would last. Thankfully her schedule allowed some time that evening to get together. For something last minute it truly turned out Magical. When I photograph a mother feeding her child I always try to focus on the bond that they share, that is truly what breastfeeding portraits are all about. Now I know there are people out there who will dismiss this post as gross, weird or disgusting, but I REALLY beg to differ. I was breastfed as a baby and I hope with the grace of God my body allows me to do the same for my children one day. This is not a post to put down those who choose not to breastfeed or are unable to do so. I understand that not everyone's body allows it. I also understand in this crazy world we live in not everyone can invest the time and energy into such a time consuming and sometime frustrating process. Breastfeeding is hard, and it takes great dedication and determination.

This post is to help normalize breastfeeding. To the people who say that seeing a woman breastfeeding in public is gross, I say don't look, that issue belongs to you, she is doing nothing wrong. Every other culture around the world sees breastfeeding as a normal, natural process of a woman nurturing her child. For some strange reason here in the US women are shamed for it, I just don't understand our culture. Very often when photographing Newborns, moms cover up, as to not offend me or ask me if I mind that they breastfeed, my answer is always the same "If it doesn't bother you, it doesn't bother me." Then I proceed to hold a normal conversation with them while the baby nurses.  My dream is to see a country that women no longer have to ask permission to feed their child, where they aren't gawked at like a circus sideshow while their child nurses and most of all where people stop calling breastfeeding gross. This is the choice that these moms made, why can't we as a culture support that choice?

So this Mother's Day weekend let celebrate this. Let's make a conscious choice to support all moms in their decisions, whether it is to breastfeed or whether breastfeeding wasn't for her. Every Mom is fighting a hard battle everyday, these are choices they've agonized over. Just because I support Normalizing Breastfeeding does not mean that I do not support a mother who couldn't or chose not to breastfeed. Every woman's choice in this matter is her own and how dare anyone for shaming or prosecuting them for it. As the old saying goes "Mother knows best."

Mommy & Me Photo Ideas Breast Feeding Portraits Bucks County PA Photographer

Mommy & Me Photo Ideas Breast Feeding Portraits Bucks County PA Photographer

Mommy & Me Photo Ideas Breast Feeding Portraits Bucks County PA Photographer

Mommy & Me Photo Ideas Breast Feeding Portraits Bucks County PA Photographer

Mommy & Me Photo Ideas Breast Feeding Portraits Bucks County PA Photographer

Mommy & Me Photo Ideas Breast Feeding Portraits Bucks County PA Photographer

Mommy & Me Photo Ideas Breast Feeding Portraits Bucks County PA Photographer

Mommy & Me Photo Ideas Breast Feeding Portraits Bucks County PA Photographer

Mommy & Me Photo Ideas Breast Feeding Portraits Bucks County PA Photographer

Mommy & Me Photo Ideas Breast Feeding Portraits Bucks County PA Photographer

Mommy & Me Photo Ideas Breast Feeding Portraits Bucks County PA Photographer

Mommy & Me Photo Ideas Breast Feeding Portraits Bucks County PA Photographer

Mommy & Me Photo Ideas Breast Feeding Portraits Bucks County PA Photographer

Mommy & Me Photo Ideas Breast Feeding Portraits Bucks County PA Photographer WonderlandPortrait.comMommy & Me Photo Ideas Breast Feeding Portraits Bucks County PA Photographer WonderlandPortrait.comMommy & Me Photo Ideas Breast Feeding Portraits Bucks County PA Photographer

Mommy & Me Photo Ideas Breast Feeding Portraits Bucks County PA Photographer

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Toddlers & Cooperation. The never ending story.| Southampton PA Children's Photography

 The Art of Cooperation | How to make your child cooperate for a Portrait. | Bucks County Children's Photographer |


I recently posed a question to my Facebook followers.

"What’s the most overwhelming thing about having your photo taken?"

Majority of them stated, getting their children to cooperate. One of my long term clients wrote this: "Mine use to be child behavior, but now that you do my pictures it's so easy. Sometimes it's better just to walk away and let you do you thing. They always come out better that way!"

Now honestly I didn't pay her to write that (even though it sounds that way), but I am going to share the advice that I gave her many moons ago. This is one of my biggest tips, even though I have a ton, but I'm leading with the biggie.

Children are very sensitive beings, which I'm sure you know.  If you're happy, they get happy. If you're sad, they get sad.  If you're excited, they get excited. If your stressed , they get stressed. Let me repeat that last one again, for effect. If you're stressed, THEY GET STRESSED.

So lets touch on this one a little bit further. Mom's train of thought :: Oh My Goodness Bobby better sit still in one spot and listen to this photographer. He better smile. He better not embarrass me. What if he is rude? What if he just ignores her? I'm going to take away his iPad time if he's not good, I swear::  Or, well, something along those lines at least. So the day of your session arrives and now these thoughts have been rolling around in your head for a while, the scary fuzzy purple monster, known as stress, is growing. You can feel the anxiety expanding. You hit my studio doorway or our meeting place at the park and it's oozing from your pours. I can feel it and so can your child.

Let's first address what "good" means for a portrait session with Wonderland Portrait Boutique. For me, I want your child to be him or herself. Every kid has their own unique personality, and I want to see it. All normal rules go out the window during a session. For example a few weeks ago I told a child put their feet on my couch with shoes on! Eek! She looked at her mom for approval as I said "I'm sure this is a no no at home, but that is why I bought a faux Leather couch, I can wipe it down." Mom nodded at her with approval, she happily popped her feet up.  The only times I will really expect parents to correct a child is if they are doing something dangerous. If your two year old wiggles out of the pose I put him in, you don't need to correct them and threaten to take away their post session treat. That is just how a two year old is, and I know that I will have to continually put them back into a pose. When a kid is having a good time at a session they get silly and wiggly, it comes with the territory. On the opposite end are shy children. Shy kiddos generally just need a little bit of time to open up and get comfortable. With these children I find that I just need to speak softer to and play some silly games to gain their trust. All children go through stages, they just hit them at different times. I try to always be adaptable to each child's personality.

So now let's talk about that scary purple monster mom (or dad) has been carrying around for the last two weeks.  When it comes to children's photography you can't have any lofty expectations of Gap Ads. All the children on my website and facebook page are normal kids, I never work with professional models. All these children are showing off their own authentic personalities. I've learned that asking a bright bubbly child to pose with a serious face doesn't always work out. Same thing with a shy child, they aren't going to be comfortable being photographed in a very populated location. You know your child better than anyone. Who are they? Do they love books? Would they like to show off their action figure collection? What is it about Bobby that make him who he is?

Once my long term client (mentioned above), realized her son is just a little funny man she was ok with the silly banter between he and I.  He is allowed talk back to me during a session. Obviously, all parents want their kids to be respectful to adults, and he is, when we aren't shooting a session. When he's in front of my camera, he knows it's ok to call me a poopie head and he loves it, of course taking full advantage. Honestly, he makes me laugh so hard during sessions now, the things he comes up with are hilarious. That is him, that is his personality.

I am by no means a child psychologist, I've just seen a lot of kids in the last 12 years, and I've picked up on the trends. I've seen parents loose their cool way too often  and I've found most of the problem is the parent's expectation. Most folks are on Pinterest now and see these amazing fun poses and images. The thing that non photographers have to remember is you can't compare your everyday to someone else's highlight reel. That is exactly what Pinterest is, a Highlight reel, it's the best of the best. I'm not saying that Pinterest worthy sessions aren't a possibility, what I'm saying is that expecting to duplicate an exact pose and expression isn't always a realistic goal. Letting your kids be themselves is going to yield your best result.

Parents striving for a "perfect" portrait often stress themselves out, which the child feels and acts appropriately to something they feel is now scary. They want to grab mom or dad's leg or be held. Every one of those parents says to me "I don't know why he is acting this way, he's never done this before". It's that common, I honestly hear it often.   I don't want to come a across as I'm telling people how to parent their kids. I want my clients to have the best possible portraits.  I know what it takes to have a successful session and I realize that parents want this information.

A successful session starts with getting your child involved and excited. Since this post is already pretty long, I've decided to make this advice the subject of my next newsletter.  I'm going to send my top tips for a successful session directly to you. Click here to sign up for my Newsletter to ensure you will receive all these tips. 


How I've Recently Failed | Yardley Newborn Photographer

So I have to admit I've had a huge FAIL Happen recently. I became a victim of letting life happen to me and quickly loosing track of time. Almost weekly parents tell me how they didn't believe that the first year of their child's life goes by too fast until it's gone and they are now planning a Cake smash with me. I woke up the other day and realized it's APRIL!

Yeah I know my phone tells me daily, conveniently on the screen I unlock about a million times a day, but really how many of us actually pay attention to that. The last few months I've just been floating through life and letting it happen instead of making things happen and celebrating the everyday. I've fallen behind in all aspects of my life. I've lost touch with friends, in fact I still have Christmas presents hanging around I never shipped out (guess I should get on that).  I've had to scramble to get projects done because all the sudden the deadline is on my door step faster then I thought two weeks could ever go by. I've seen home projects fall by the wayside. Oh and forget about that scrapbook I started on New Years Day, that just sits. There are also a few crochet projects that are sitting on the shelf gathering dust too.

Yet in the midst of all this, I'm always on the go. I always have something to do. Are they always the things that are most important to me? Eh. Probably not, but that's life. That is how it works. We become all consumed with the trivial little things, like trips to the mechanic's, or adding up the year's receipts and we miss out.

We miss out on all the great things in life.

Mainly I'm writing this post because I realized that my sweet niece is now 2 Months old. At the same time I'm realizing I never shared more than a few of her newborn portraits and I've already taken more portraits of her for Easter. So here is a giant Post of Alyssa and a Promise to myself to take life by the horns and direct it where I want to go, instead of waiting for things to happen to me.

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.- Dr. Suess

Richboro PA Newborn Photographer

Valentine's Day Newborn Pose Richboro Photographer   WonderlandPortrait.comNatural Newborn Photography Poses  Newtown PA WonderlandPortrait.comClassic Newborn Photos Newtown PA Photographer WonderlandPortrait.comBaby in a Bowl Pose Bucks County PA Photographer WonderlandPortrait.comSleepy Newborn Poses  Richboro PA Photographer WonderlandPortrait.comRacing Newborn Poses | Drag Racing Tire | Philadelphia Newborn PhotographerChevy Newborn classic Car  Holland PA PhotographyBaby in a Tire Pose Newborn Photography  Churchville PA WonderlandPortrait.comSo those Easter pictures... Yeah. See the days that I always choose for picture day also seem to coincide with Alyssa's Diva days. Her first Newborn session was, well to put it nicely, a challenge. They brought her back a week later JUST to do the tire poses and she was a perfect angel. I got a ton of shots of her. The Day that I chose for her Easter session, just happened to be the day she was laughing in the face of the sandman and missed her morning nap. I don't know if it was that she was tired or really hated the dress I picked up for her but she gave me some interesting expressions. I've never had a little one be so uninterested in the funny noises and faces I'm making at them. Normally these would not be photos that I would even share but her tiny little faces are pretty funny when looked at all together.   My Favorite dress image has to be the close up face in the center of the next collage, she looks really unimpressed with me. (I think I may print and frame that one just to keep me grounded day to day.) We Finally coaxed a few grins out of her once we put her in her "casual" outfit.  Also Please note that I feel the final image in this post should be captioned "Really guys? Bunny ears?"

Bucks County Easter Photos WonderlandPortrait.comBaby Chicks Easter Photo Baby Portraits Bucks County PA WonderlandPortrait.comBaby's First Easter Pink Bunny Bow Yardley PA WonderlandPortrait.comBaby Faces Bunny Bow  Holland PA Photogrpaher  WonderlandPortrait.comBaby in Bunny Ears Newtown PA Photographer

The C Family| Fall Family in Bucks County | Newtown PA Family Photographer

I photographed the C Family a few weeks ago, I've been trying ever since to share this session with all of you. Right now I'm in the busiest season of the year, so unfortunately blog posts have been falling by the wayside while I push out big card orders and holiday gifts. I'm very happy to say that many folks booked early this year and I'm finally getting back into sharing all these great sessions with you. The day I photographed this family I was so very worried that it was going to be cold and windy, and it was actually one of the warmer late fall days that we had this year. We really lucked out with the weather, which was perfect since we had to walk for a little bit to get to one of my favorite spots in the park.  They were great fun, and this little lady is just full of personality.  Mom and Dad were great sports about my crazy ideas, which of course included throwing piles of leave in the air above their one year old who was in a super cute outfit. I'm glad they were because little lady loved the leaves and had a great time playing in them. I'm happy that I was able to achieve both traditional family shots as well as dreamy fairytale individuals of little miss. I just adore the few by the tree, the texture is amazing and the lashes on this little girl are to die for. It was very hard to narrow down this session to just a few to share, she did very well, even with all the distractions in the park. We did have to stop once to watch a big doggy walk by, but otherwise she is a little pro.

After we finished at the park, we headed back to the studio for some cake smash photos. I'll be posting part two of the sessions soon.


Newtown Bucks County PA  Family Photography Fall Leaves First Birthday Wonderland Portrait BoutiqueNewtown Bucks County PA  Family Photography Fall Leaves First Birthday Wonderland Portrait BoutiqueNewtown Bucks County PA  Family Photography Fall Leaves First Birthday Wonderland Portrait BoutiqueNewtown Bucks County PA  Family Photography Fall Leaves First Birthday Wonderland Portrait BoutiqueNewtown Bucks County PA  Family Photography Fall Leaves First Birthday Wonderland Portrait BoutiqueNewtown Bucks County PA  Family Photography Fall Leaves First Birthday Wonderland Portrait Boutique


Little Penn State Fan { Southampton PA Newborn Photographer }

Today I'm sharing another adorable, sweet, tiny little newborn. This isn't just any adorable, sweet, tiny newborn, oh no, he is already a sports fan.  His Dad arrived with all kind of great props for Little E's session.  I love including family heirlooms and other personal items into my newborn sessions, and I do pretty often, but it's a rarity to have someone arrive with a signed Penn State Football helmet. Even more rare, the fact that it is signed by the one and only Joe Paterno.  How cool is that? Dad also brought along all kinds of golf accessories.  I was really excited for the golf items and getting to incorporate them. I've done Baseball, football, heck even drag racing for newborn sessions but golf was a new exciting sports element to try out. I had a blast with Mr. E that day, he was so pleasant and not much of a complainer. He slept like a champ during his visit to the studio. Check him out!

Southampton PA Newborn Family Photographer Bucks County

Southampton PA Newborn Family Photographer Bucks County

Southampton PA Newborn Family Photographer Bucks County

Southampton PA Newborn Family Photographer Bucks County WonderlandPortrait.comSouthampton PA Newborn Family Photographer Bucks County  Southampton PA Newborn Family Photographer Bucks County Southampton PA Newborn Family Photographer Bucks County  Penn State Football Joe Paterno Southampton PA Newborn Family Photographer Bucks County Penn State Football Joe Paterno Southampton PA Newborn Family Photographer Bucks County Golf PGA Newborn Southampton PA Newborn Family Photographer Bucks County Golf Ball Newborn Southampton PA Newborn Family Photographer Bucks County  Golf Clubs Newborn Southampton PA Newborn Family Photographer Bucks County



We could all use a little Grace ( Philadelphia Newborn Photographer )

January has been bustling with babies this year. Many of my wonderland families have new additions arriving in 2014, and I'm so excited to meet them all.  This is one of those families who has just welcomed their third child, a little lady. I also photographed their younger son, and now middle child, when I was first starting out on my own. I'm so thankful that these families keep coming back to me with all of their milestones. I always say that one of the best parts of being a children's photographer is seeing the kids as they grow. I'm not with them everyday so I'm  always a surprised by all the new talents they have to show off every time they come to have portraits taken. As I said she is the third child and her two big brothers are just bonkers over her already. After her 2 year old brother woke from his nap he hung out and watch the session patiently till it was his turn too.  He was so excited when he got to sit with "baby Gracie" and take a picture. I just love how he said her name it was adorable.

Check out all of Miss Grace's fab accessories, at just 9 days old she was already all decked out in some of the cutest little things.  The Scarves Grace is wrapped in came all the way from the Netherlands just to be used for this session. One of her fabulous aunts lives there and brought them back when she came home to Philly to meet little miss. Mom had brought along quite the assortment of headbands and hair bows already so it was no problem finding something that matched each one of the new scarves. Philadelphia_Newborn_Photographer

Wonderland Portrait Boutique prefers to photographs newborn babies with in the first 10 days. Philadelphia newborn photographer serving the bucks county and Philadelphia areas. Children and Family photographer Dana Cook.



Lifestyle Portraits by Wonderland Portrait Boutique { Newtown Baby Photographer }

As many of you know I'm generally a studio or outdoor photographer, well that is about to change. This fall I am adding Lifestyle photography to my offerings. What is lifestyle you may ask?  Well Lifestyle sessions are photographed in your home, they are very relaxed, guided sessions that use your home as the backdrop to your story. There is never too much posing or forcing of smiles, everyone can stay nice and comfortable because they are at home.  Lifestyle sessions are a great opportunity to show off your family's personalities and style. Not only will I be offering these sessions for families but I will also add them for babies and newborns. A newborn lifestyle session will differ from a traditional newborn session in a few ways. For one I will not bring any of my props or blankets with me, everything used would be personal items from your home. Two, your home is the backdrop making these photos much more personal, and reflective of your everyday life. Three, they are relaxed sessions, so there is no need to get too gussied up with the kids in itchy sweaters.

This is a style of photography that I have long admired and adored. For the longest time I just didn't think it was something I was capable of, but thanks to a few friends who encouraged me to just go for it I gave it a try, and I love it.   The Images you will find below are reflective of what a Lifestyle baby session would look like.

Philadelphia Lifestyle Photographer Dana Cook

Philadelphia Lifestyle Photographer Dana Cook

For More information on Lifestyle sessions please email me at