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A Year in Reveiw | Bucks County PA Family Children Photographer

Well, here we are, New Years Eve. It's been 365 days of pure awesome for me. This year I have  photographed and documented some of the MOST important moments in so many lives. I've photographed more babies and maternity sessions in 2014  than I have any other year in the past. I've photographed more families portraits than you can shake a stick at in 2014. Oh and lets not forget all the birthdays! Basically it was a busy year for me. I had a blast too, I've gotten to work with some of the best people this year, and for that I am Thankful. When you work in the industry that I do, it's often the case that people just don't appreciate what it is that you do.  Not many folks get it. I am very happy to say that I haven't run into too many people who didn't get it in 2014. I've had the pleasure of working with a group of folks who believe in documenting their family's legacy and see the importance of the printed image. I think my favorite part about my job is that I don't JUST take pictures, I document the lives of others. The images that I create for my clients will live on the walls of their homes for generations to come.  Hundreds of their friends and family member will look at these images and they will smile. For me, that is the end goal to make someone smile. Knowing that my clients love the art that I have created for them, really makes it all worth it for me. Thank you to everyone who supported this little bitty business of mine in 2014 and allowed me the honor of documenting your family this year.  I wish you all an amazing 2015 and I hope to continue to see all of your little ones grow through the years.

Happy New Year!

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Mr. T | Richboro Birthday Photographer

Today I am back from a Week of Vacation (Mini Blog post to follow), while I was away  I scheduled a few picture posts on my Facebook page. They were Rather Popular posts so here are a few more of my little buddy. You may recognize this guy from my blog post about how I find some of my best locations. We looked all over Bucks County for the perfect location for this 3rd Birthday Session but, this awesome little spot was actually in his own back yard, which made him super comfortable during the entire session. Mom and Dad jumped in on the fun as well for a few quick family shots.  I really Love this session, to me, it screams what it's like to be a 3 year old boy. Splashing in puddles, trying to catch creepy crawly things in Jars, playing with Cars in the driveway, and just generally goofing around with Dad.

Bucks County Birthday Photographer www.WonderlandPortrait.comBucks County Birthday Photographer www.WonderlandPortrait.comBucks County Birthday Photographer www.WonderlandPortrait.comBucks County Birthday Photographer www.WonderlandPortrait.comBucks County Birthday Photographer www.WonderlandPortrait.comBucks County Birthday Photographer FirefliesBucks County Birthday Photographer www.WonderlandPortrait.comBucks County Birthday Photographer

Waiting for Baby M | Yardley PA Lifestyle Maternity Photographer

This has to be one of my new favorite maternity sessions. I had the distinct pleasure of being invited into the home of this lovely couple, to photograph their excitement for the baby girl they are expecting in the coming weeks.  Even though this will be the first human child in the house, their two fur babies also joined in on the in home photo shoot. Stella & Scruffy were such sweet little pups, who always wanted to be where the action was.  It was great being able to use their home as the backdrop to tell the story of them waiting for their new little girl, including her gorgeous new nursery which is perfect for a princess. (Check out the door knob below, I'm in love.)  Mom has a beautiful attention to detail when it comes to decorating and this nursery does not disappoint. Eventually we made our way outside for a couple fun pool side images, I even coaxed mom into the pool! Bucks County PA Maternity Photographer | WonderlandPortrait.comBucks County PA Maternity Photographer | Bucks County PA Maternity Photographer | WonderlandPortrait.comBucks County PA Maternity Photographer | WonderlandPortrait.comBucks County PA Maternity Photographer |

Bucks County PA Maternity Photographer |

Bucks County PA Maternity Photographer | WonderlandPortrait.comBucks County PA Maternity Photographer |


What Size Do I Choose?? ( Yardley Portrait Photographer, Bucks County PA )

Today I want to address something that I experience with each and every Client. The dreaded question, "What Size do you want?". Usually this question elicits responses akin to asking how many Lamas there are on Earth. There are a lot of shrugs, some educated guesses and then the few Lama experts who know the exact answer. Most of my regular clients have become Lama experts at this point and know who wants what and what will go on their walls. Today I'm going to address the "Shruggers" and "Educated Guessers". The best advice I can give to someone is to decide where they want to display their portraits first, possibly even before the session is booked. This is a very important part of the process that often gets skipped, people know that they want portraits but don't know what to do with them after the fact. This is usually what spurs the question of "Can we just get portraits on a cd?" but unfortunately CD's don't look very nice on the wall and they also fail or go bad. A printed portrait is the best way to preserve your memories even in this digital age.

Ok, so now you know what wall or room you want to display your pictures in now how on Earth do you decide on sizes?  You would be amazed at how many people are  surprised by how small a 16x20 really is when I show them. 16x20 sounds quite large to most folks but in reality it is about the size of or smaller than a standard carry on rolling bag.  Ok that kind of still sound big, but lets look at it on a wall.

Newtown Family Photographer Wall Display


As you can see on this wall the 16x20 looks like a postage stamp, but when choosing size it is all relative to the wall and what else is on that wall. There is no one size fits all when it comes to decorating with pictures. As much as I advocate for large portraits on the wall, even I have 5x7's displayed on my walls at home. 5x7's are generally considered a table top size, because hanging them on the wall leaves the viewer at a loss because so much detail is lost in viewing far away. My 5x7's are part of a larger collage display on a small wall in my home (Which we will tackle in another blog post).

Any-who... Back to the task at hand. Wall displays being all relative. What do I mean by that? Well lets look at an example.

Newtown Family Photographer Wall Display

As you can see the same wall with a 24x36  instead of the 16x20 looks much more balanced and pleasing to the eye, also the detail is much easier to see. Now if this wall was smaller or had other items on it we may want to cut it down a little or if we want to hang more than just one image on the wall. You can create some really great wall displays with multiple images and sizes that will really knock people's socks off. I do caution against doing too much, there is a fine line between a beautiful artistic image gallery and that wall behind grandma's couch with every 5x7, she has ever received, of each of her 12 grandchildren. In other words it can get out of hand pretty quickly. Of course wall galleries are a topic for another blog post but just for argument's sake lets check one out:

Newtown Family Photographer Wall Display

Well that is all I have for now, I'll be elaborating more on Wall Displays and how to keep image galleries balanced in the next few weeks.



Lifestyle Portraits by Wonderland Portrait Boutique { Newtown Baby Photographer }

As many of you know I'm generally a studio or outdoor photographer, well that is about to change. This fall I am adding Lifestyle photography to my offerings. What is lifestyle you may ask?  Well Lifestyle sessions are photographed in your home, they are very relaxed, guided sessions that use your home as the backdrop to your story. There is never too much posing or forcing of smiles, everyone can stay nice and comfortable because they are at home.  Lifestyle sessions are a great opportunity to show off your family's personalities and style. Not only will I be offering these sessions for families but I will also add them for babies and newborns. A newborn lifestyle session will differ from a traditional newborn session in a few ways. For one I will not bring any of my props or blankets with me, everything used would be personal items from your home. Two, your home is the backdrop making these photos much more personal, and reflective of your everyday life. Three, they are relaxed sessions, so there is no need to get too gussied up with the kids in itchy sweaters.

This is a style of photography that I have long admired and adored. For the longest time I just didn't think it was something I was capable of, but thanks to a few friends who encouraged me to just go for it I gave it a try, and I love it.   The Images you will find below are reflective of what a Lifestyle baby session would look like.

Philadelphia Lifestyle Photographer Dana Cook

Philadelphia Lifestyle Photographer Dana Cook

For More information on Lifestyle sessions please email me at