Hello Folks!

Meet Mr. London! I'm so Excited to share this session with you, everything about it is just up my alley. London's parents Nick & Jen were absolutely fabulous, so very nice and down to earth. This little fella is their first child, but you'd never know it, they were really good with him for first time parents. The only time they got a little flustered was about the 3rd or 4th time London tinkled on me, I told them it comes with the Job it was no big deal at all. I've had a fun Mustache composite idea up my sleeve for a while and I knew this would be the perfect session to try it out on.  They loved the idea and it came out perfect! They also brought Nick's Guitar to use as a Prop. London gave us a Big Smile when we started using it, I for see another Musician in the family!