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Hello out there! Happy Star Wars Day! May the 4th be with you! I know I'm a nerd. Star Wars means a lot in our house. A long time ago in a galaxy far far away... Wait.. No.. uh... Well a long time ago at least, early in our relationship, Ray said to me that we would get married once I had seen all the Star Wars films. I had seen them as a child but I'm never good at remembering movies or being the person who quotes them, so for him it was like I had never seen them before. I attempted to defend myself by saying that  I did remember "the little bears running around in the trees", this statement appalled him. So to the movies we went. I did end up remember a fair bit of the movies themselves, I also realized I really had only seen one Star Wars movie as a child. Well I've watched all but the latest movie and I really am a Star Wars fan now, and I can't wait for the new one to come out and be able to see it in Theaters.  I like to celebrate Star Wars Day and thought it would be fun to take a few themed pictures for my Instagram. I set out to create clip on Leia buns, because as most of you know I never let my hair grow very far past my ears, so real braids are not an option.

I also thought it would be fun to create a tutorial on how to make your own Leia buns for yourself and your little Leias.

Step one Gather your supplies. I used some brown yarn I had around, black felt, two hair clips, scissors, and my trusty Hot Glue Gun.

I wound the yarn around my forearm like I was rolling up an extension cord. I then removed it from my arm and cut the loop at one end all the way through all of the strands. When I was winding it around my arm, I didn't really keep count but I ended up with 30 separate strands all together.

I laid out the stands into two separate piles and them separate each of those piles into three sections. Tie knots at the ends of the three sections and begin to braid, and braid and braid. Once I was done I tied each set off with a knot. Make sure to tighten your knots down so they are at their smallest possible size, I just tugged it toward the ends till it wouldn't go any further. Now trim all the little pieces of excess yard from the ends, be careful not to clip the knot by mistake.

DIY Leia Buns

Take your Felt and cut out two circles, mine are probably about 2.5"-3" across, I traced around a lens cap with some chalk but a small glass would be just fine.

DIY Leia Buns | Bucks County Family Photographer

Take your smallest knot on each braid and glue it to the center of each circle, hold it there for a second to make sure it's secure. Now you will start winding the braid around the knot. Make sure the braid remains flat (so you see the top of the braid not the side) this will cover more ground on your felt circle, and make your faux buns more epic. I like to add a little glue as I go to keep the braid in place, just be careful to not glob it on, a little bit goes a long way.

This next part can be a little tricky. Once you have your braid wound around and glued down, you have a bit of a tail.  Line up where you will glue the end, bend back your felt a little bit and look for a little space between the felt and the braid that is already in position. Next you are going to carefully cut off the knot, so you are left with just tails. Glue your remaining braid into place, taking the tails and gluing them Under the existing braid in the row before, between the felt and the braid, be careful you do not burn your fingers with hot glue here.

DIY Leia Buns | Bucks County Family Photographer WonderlandPortrait.comThen trim your felt all the way around if you have not covered it all with yarn braids.

DIY Leia Buns | Bucks County Family Photographer WonderlandPortrait.comThe last step is attaching the hair clips to the back of the buns. I used alligator clips since that is what I had around, but you could also attach these to a child's head band if you are making them for your Little Leia.

DIY Leia Buns | Bucks County Family Photographer

Wa La. Fun hair clips for your epic Star Wars Viewing Party!