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The Motherhood Event { Bucks County and Montgomery County PA Family Photographer }

Mommy & Me, Bucks County Photographer, Mongomery County, Abington, Willow Grove, Child Photography This year will be my second Mother's Day with my son and a lot has already changed since this time last year. A year ago I was snuggling him up in my arms for hours a day. This year I'm lucky if I can catch the little runner for a quick hug before he wiggles right back out of my arms and continues on his way. He grew as fast as everyone said he would, but it still seems unbelievable. I'm thankful for the images I have created with him as he grew. My Favorites are the shots of him and I together, because I am always taking the pictures (obviously) I rarely get in them myself, yes I'm guilty of this too. Last June I did a Nursing shoot with a friend of mine and also got a couple with him on the beach in September. The pictures that aren't taken on my phone are such a blessing to me. The clarity, color, and depth of an image taken with a real camera by a professional is an undeniable gift. I'm so happy that my calling in life was to create images to capture these quick little moments in the lives of others. These images are just glorious in print, something that phone pics rarely get made into.

It's time to upgrade from those selfies ladies. It's time to invest in a beautiful portrait of you and your child(ren). I know what you are thinking, "Once I loose the baby weight." Please stop thinking like that!  Now is the best time, trust me, those kids love you how you are, more than you know. They love your "mom bod", because you are their mom and none of that other stuff matters to them. There will always be an excuse, there will always be a reason for you to push it off. Here is a reason to stop finding reasons, they are growing so fast before you know it they will be off to college and then building a family of their own. Yes, that itty bitty baby in your arms will be off setting the world on fire with their brilliance one day. It's really going to go THAT fast. I've had enough clients return and I'm blown away by how quickly their kiddos have grow into teens.  Don't miss out on this age. Don't miss out on the tiny hands in yours and the snuggles that only mommy gets. You are their WORLD. Who really cares about a couple extra pounds when you put it in that perspective?

From now until the end of May I'm holding the Motherhood event. These are DEEPLY Discounted sessions. I'm so passionate about getting Mom in the picture with the kids that I'm giving you files and a session for the same price a normal session fee is.  The Motherhood Event is a special that can be booked any day between today and the end of May, so it's totally flexible to book according to your schedule. I will have a couple of my favorite spots to choose from so you can also choose the location! If I made this any easier I would dress you too. Oh wait, everyone who books will get a clothing guide to help you pick the best pieces for your shoot.

So what are you waiting for? If you don't hop on this someone else will and take your spot. There are always a couple popular times such as weekends and evenings that go first. I'm also a little limited on how many of these I can shoot, May is already a busy month and I only have so many covered baby sitting days. ( You know how that is right?)

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OK so here is the Run down:

When: Any Day between now and May 31st

Where: Your Choice of one of my top 3 favorite locations. (Forest, Garden, or Small Town)

What: Mom and her kids. I can accommodate up to 5 Subjects so yes Grandma can join you too. She is your mom after all right?

How: Click HERE to Book the session and I will be in touch to get a date, time and location set with you.

Investment: $150 includes your hour session at the location of your choosing as well as 8 Standard resolution images via Digital download. This of course includes the standard editing of your images as well.

F. A. Q.

Can my Husband be in the pictures?  This special event is for moms and kids only, there will be a family event later this summer that dad can also participate in. Sign up for our Newsletter for info on that.

Can I buy this special as a gift? Yes you can! Please just let me know it's a gift in the comments box when you check out. ***DADS this would make a great Mother's day gift. She will thank you for this***

Can I purchase additional images? Yes you can. Each additional image is $20 or you can purchase the rest of the gallery for $200 so you don't have to choose at all.

Can I purchase prints and wall art from this session? Yes, as always I pride myself on providing my clients with more than just digital files. You can always purchase gorgeous high quality wall art or albums from any session I photograph for you.

How Many images will I have to choose from? I promise 30-40 images for an hour session but often end up with closer to 50+ for kids with big personalities.


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Winter Newborn Special

Bucks County PA Baby Pictures Winter Newborn January February 2016 Christmas is almost here! Yay! I've closed my Calendar for 2015 already, what a year it's been! I've already started booking Sessions for 2016, including newborns and cake smashes. This year I thought I would do something special for my Winter Newborn sessions. All Newborn sessions will include a free set of 25 custom designed 5x7 Linen or pearl finish birth announcements with an ala' carte or Create your own collection purchase. With Christmas right around the corner it's easy to forget that newborn sessions need to be booked in advance so here is a great reminder and opportunity to save a little on these precious memories! Fill out my Contact form HERE and I will help you get the ball rolling on booking your session!



Why I'm not using a Live Bunny... { Bensalem Easter Portraits }

In the last few days I've been asked why I'm not using a real bunny for Easter portraits this year. Well there are a few reasons really, for one I feel it's unfair to the animal. I grew up in a home where we took in any stray that came down the pike and either found them a home or loved them ourselves. Both of my cats are rescue cats, and I support many organizations who encourage taking in rescued animals. This is the time of year that many people purchase bunnies, and a few weeks after Easter is when many of those bunnies will end up in shelters. I did not feel it was right for me to purchase a bunny I would not be able to house and love for the rest of it's life, after some research I know my home would not be a perfect fit for a rabbit. Easter_002-copy

There is the other alternative to borrow a bunny from a breeder or one that is someone's pet. Having a bunny as a pet and using it as the star of the photo session with unfamiliar children are two different things. As many of you know I will do almost anything to get a child to smile, and sometimes that is not a quiet operation, Toddler's photo sessions can be loud and rambunctious sometimes. These kinds of situations are not good for bunnies & rabbits, they do not always like to be held or picked up, and they really don't like loud noises or fast movements. This can all cause undeserved stress on this poor animal, just so it can look cute and fluffy in a picture.  Often times when children are young they look at animals the same way they look at stuffed toys, they just don't see a difference, unless they know the animal personally. Because of this they don't always handle the animal properly, which can result in the animal getting hurt or the child getting hurt. Just think about how your toddler handles his or her favorite stuffed toy, how they pick it up and love on it.

Here is an excerpt from

"Many people are surprised and disappointed to find that rabbits rarely conform to the cute-n-cuddly stereotype in children's stories Baby bunnies (and many young adult rabbits) are too busy dashing madly about, squeezing behind furniture, and chewing baseboards and rugs to be held. Also, rabbits are physically delicate animals which means they can be hurt by children picking them up. Because rabbits feel frightened when people pick them up, they kick and struggle which means children can also get hurt. Rabbits are also built to react to sudden changes which means they may either run away or try to bite when approached too quickly and too loudly. Stress-related illnesses are common."

You can read more of the Article here:

I am not completely against using animals in your portraits, in fact I encourage people to bring along their pets for their family portraits. If you have a bunny who your child is very comfortable with handling and cares for that pet at home I have no problem including that bunny in your Easter Portraits. I have people already booked this year that are bringing along their own pets. One Family is bringing along their own hatch lings that they are temporarily fostering through a special program with a local farm, much like grade school classes do.

So for the safety of the animals I will only be providing artificial props for Easter this year, they can be dropped Squeeze and photographed all day long without any harm coming to an animal or your children.



Show me some LOVE Photo Contest { Bucks County Photographer }

Photo_Contest_Banner Winter can be so blah and gray, but do you know what is smack dab in the middle of Winter?? Valentine's Day! With all its Spirit of Love and bright red decorations it's just the lift we need in the middle of these gray months.  Now I know what Love means for me but I want to see what it means for you. I've decided to run a fun little contest to see your interpretation of what love is and your creative side.

To Enter all you need to do is become my Facebook Friend {Here} and post your image to my wall, Please DO NOT post them on my Business page. I will only consider the images that are on my Personal page. After all the entries are received on February 14th I will choose the Top 5 then I'll leave the over all winner to the masses. Your friends and family can vote for your image once per day for the week of the contest. The overall winner will be announced on February 22nd.

The top 5 will be chosen by image alone so be sure that your photo speaks for itself and doesn't need a story attached to it. This is a Contest about Creativity and interpretation, so there is no right or wrong answer. I do have a few rules though:

  • The photo you post MUST be an photo taken by you, Please do not post Professional Photographs.
  • You must be my Facebook friend on my personal page. { }
  • This is a Fun & Friendly Competition, Keep it that way.
  • All entries must be received by February 14, 2013 at 12:00 Noon
  • Nothing Raunchy it isn't THAT kind of photo contest...

The Winner will have his or her choice of a Free mini-session with 3 Gift Prints or a 2 Hour one on one Photography Lesson.

Good Luck Everyone!! The Key to this contest is to be CREATIVE!!