Baby D was such a little sweetheart for his session, he didn't give me any trouble at all. We even got a chance to grab some outdoor shots while he was at my Holland Studio. Outdoor Newborn portraits are really becoming a favorite of mine, with this new green space right out my back door, these shots are even more convenient than ever.  

Bucks County Newborn Photographer Chimera_NB_52816-008 Chimera_NB_52816-010 Chimera_NB_52816-014 Chimera_NB_52816-020 Chimera_NB_52816-022 Chimera_NB_52816-025 Chimera_NB_52816-027 Chimera_NB_52816-028 Chimera_NB_52816-033 Chimera_NB_52816-035 Chimera_NB_52816-040 Chimera_NB_52816-041 Chimera_NB_52816-043 Chimera_NB_52816-045