Boudoir & Glamour

Hey there Folks! This one is for the ladies, just in time for the holidays Wonderland Portrait Boutique is offering Private boudoir & glamour sessions! Our all inclusive packages include Hair & Makeup, Your photographer's time and talent, retouching, as well as different prints and product!


What is Boudoir & Glamour photography?

Boudoir & Glamour is beauty portraiture for women, to build self conidance and see yourself in a different way.

Do I need to be in my Underwear?

Nope! this is one of the biggest misconceptions about boudoir, it's not necessarily all about being naked. I feel that boudoir and glamour is more about you and making you feel amazing then it is about a tiny little outfit. You are more then welcome to wear lingure for your session, but you are also just as welcome to wear a beautiful dress or a simple tank and jeans. Don't forget, accesories are king! your session can be as sexy or demure as you would like.

I don't have a man to give them to whats the point?

As women we all deserve to be and feel beautiful, no matter your age, body type, or personality. Many women come in with the idea of getting some portraits done for their man and leave talking about how comfortable and confident they ended up being. When they first see their image most ladies will say "Is that Me?!?". Beauty portraiture is a huge confidence booster, the entire time it's about you, kind of like a spa day. You are allowed to be gorgous!

I'm too heavy I need to loose a few pounds first!

Boudoir & glamour is appropriate for all shapes & sizes. Tricks of photography with posing & Lighting can slim and contour your body. You are you and if your session is for the man in your life he loves you for who you are.

So will there be a feather boa and a blue and pink laser background involved?

This is one of my favorite questions, the short answer is no.  Many people think of a certain chain studio when they hear glamour photography, and the times have evolved. Think more along the lines of a magazine spread. Your session can be anything you are, Bright clean Natural, Dark sexy & Mysterious, Colorful Fun & Exotic. The look and feel of your session will be discussed with your photographer during your consultation.