As I stare out my office window at the frozen Tundra that is my backyard, I dream of the warmer weather that is just months away. I love Christmas and all the other holidays thrown in with it, but that's about it when it comes to the winter for me. I'd rather be on the warm beach reading a book than trekking through a snow cover forest( though it is really pretty and fun to photograph the novelty wear quickly with me). Thankfully during the summer and early fall I had some great shoots, and I saved them. I knew there would come a day over this winter that I would be "over it". So, I squirreled away a few images to remind myself and others of the warmth that is on it's way back even if it doesn't seem like it while the snow rages outside of my window. Today I have a little guy that I have been photographing since day one. Many of you know him as "tire baby" because I actually used a dragster slick in his newborn session. Which I would like to point out was photographed in my small apartment kitchen my first year in business, I was also the second floor apartment. His father carried this thing all the way up stairs and then polished the rim for the session. I have never doubted these parents in their dedication to having great portraits, they are a pleasure to work with because they truly enjoy the experience and contribute some great things. Well this year was Mr."T"'s second birthday and right now he loves all things construction, he was also going through that super shy toddler phase and didn't know what to make of me.

We had quite a time finding an appropriate location for a construction session, short of trespassing on an active work site we were stumped. Finally in the 11th hour mom & dad found a friend who had some equipment parked and said it would be fine for us to shoot in his yard. Score!! After we got "T" comfortable he was climbing all over that thing and running all about like a crazy little two year old should, though his is a very deep thinker at the same time and often paused to see what I was doing.

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