Sweet Baby S | Warminster PA Newborn Photographer

This little lady was sure a sweet little girl, slept like an angel and oh so snugly during her session. (I consider getting to snuggle babies as a major perk of my job.) Mom and Dad brought a few special items along with them for our session, one a hat, the other a chair. The hat was so cute, a little pink and purple bull dog hat, they are all about bull dogs and told me they have rescued a few in their time. They also have a "fur-child", which is a bull dog of course, and she is the princess of the house. I think Baby S is going to give her a run for her money as the princess and they may need to agree to co-rule the house.  The Second item was a rocking chair, it was a very special item to mom because it belonged to her father as a child. Baby S is a little too young to be rocking in a rocking chair just yet, so my pal bear hung out in it while she napped peacefully. Hopefully in the next few months we can show how she grows while reaches new milestones using the rocker and maybe for her first birthday we can get her rocking away just like her grandfather did when he was a little one. Baby Wrapped Purple Newborn Pose IdeasNewborn Poses Bull Dog Crochet Hat Newborn Pink Head Band Vintage style Wrap PosesNewbonr Poses Basket Rocking Chair Teddy bear Newborn Girl in Bucket Pose Flowers Floor FadeNewborn Girl Bear Hat Nighty Night Pose RelaxingNewborn baby girl Green and Pink Creative Wrap pose ideas