This is another one of my favorite families! I am truely blessed to be able to work with some really awesome people. I have been Photographing the “Happy Hiser’s” since their eldest was born. I’ve seen them at least once a year since and every time they just bring me such joy, always with a smile even if things are tough, they just keep smiling. I adore that.

This Family session we photographed at Morris Arboretum, this was my first time there so I let the family be my guide. It was so gorgeous there I will definitly go back! Morris Arboretum happens to be a very special place for them and I was happy to follow them around while they played together. They really are the cutest. The kids had an absolute blast running about, splashing in the fountains and showing me their favorite little spots. If you haven’t taken the kids to experience this place I would definitely suggest it, I’ll be taking my little guy.

A funny thing happened halfway through this Session, I realized Dad was wearing his work shirt, and I laughed. Not for any other reason than it brought me an amazing amount of joy that he was wearing it. Every one of the sessions I photographed with them, Dad was wearing a blue Covington Building Shirt. I laughed half because I know them so well I didn’t even take a second look at dad, and half because he owns who he is and that is amazing to me. He always has one of these shirts on whenever I see him and I felt it was just so fitting for him to be wearing it for this session as well. I told him if he had wore anything else I probably wouldn’t of recognized him!

My goal as a Photographer is to photograph a family for who they are, I don’t think anyone should try to be something they aren’t. These images are on your walls, if you dress yourself in a way that people don’t recognize you what is the point? I want to capture each family and family member for the individuals they are. Mom did a great job coordinating everyone’s outfits, Little man even worse his favorite Lightening McQueen Shoes, he was so happy to show them off to me. This little lady is “Queeny” who hangs on my studio wall, so her prettiest pink tutu dress was absolutely perfect, because that’s her.

Sometimes I think a lot of stress can be created with the Question “What do we wear?” My answer is always “pick a set of colors and work within them, make sure everyone is comfortable and their individuality is expressed.” I think a lot of people have a vision that the perfect family photo is where everyone looks “perfect” and matching, and I have to disagree. I think the perfect family portrait is when everyone is represented for who they are and they are happy and comfortable in their own skin. I think the comfort to be able to create and capture the family connection is much more important than any designer duds ever will be.

If this session doesn’t convince you of that I don’t know what will. The “Happy Hisers” Have the most amazing family connection I’ve ever seen!