Washington-Crossing-PAFamily Photographer

I have photographed this family for so long, I’ve seen the eldest daughter grow up since she was about 1 or 2. It really sneaks up on me how quickly these kids are growing up. I ask mom what the eldest daughter’s age was and had to catch my breath when she said 13! I then proceeded to tell the girl that she needs to stop growing because I can’t handle it.

It still amazes me that we are so quickly at the point of photographing their year two family session that came with their baby plan. It feels like yesterday I was photographing a newborn session for their youngest daughter and I had her posed in a bucket now she’s a little read headed Firecracker. She’s a super funny little girl and believe it or not she decided the day of our session was a great day for a nap strike. Yep, that’s right that little firecracker did not take a nap, and we still got great pictures! Things happen with toddlers, all the time, that is my life. Over the years I’ve learned to adapt pretty well to the ups and downs of toddlerism. I’m always adapting to their mood and trying new things to get the perfect expression I’m looking for, weather that is a big smile, silly grin, or a sweet little pout. Toddlers can be challenging sometimes but other times they can surprise you and be little models, that’s the fun in it. I adore a good challenge and feel so accomplished when I get THE shot!