Mom and I had been planning this maternity session for a while, almost as soon as she found out she was pregnant, it was in the works. The first question all moms with a toddler ask me is “How will I get my toddler to cooperate?” . Well there is a secret in my industry, that secret is, we go with it. For the most part Toddlers don’t pose, they really just don’t care about our agenda of getting great portraits, and that’s ok.

You would never know that this little guy was more interested in exploring his surroundings than celebrating the new baby brother that is on the way. When we met at this Bucks County Park, he was ecstatic to explore a fun new spot. He wanted down to explore, not to be held and smile at the camera. So you know what I did? I went with it! We played games, we sang songs (never underestimate the power of Baby Shark folks) and I worked with what he was doing. I gave him plenty of breaks to get just some of mama and daddy and then brought him back in for another game.

Having your toddler photographed does not have to be scary. It’s all about finding their groove and showcasing their funny little personality.

I’ve photographed this family for a while now and I really can’t wait to meet their newest little family member in a few weeks. Make sure to check back for the images from their Newborn session happening very soon!

Oh and the last image, I feel like he is walking into this big brother thing like “I got this!”