Bucks County Cherry Blossom Birthday Portraits - Yardley PA Child and Family Photographer

Sometimes plans fall through because of weather in my business. Which is exactly what happened with with session I recently photographed. We had plans of one location and a forcast that changed faster than a toddler changes their mind about what they want for snack. I diligently watched the weather for most of the day and then finally decided the chance of rain was just too high at the origional location and switched to a spot a friend had mentioned a few days before. We were sort of on a timeline so changing the date probably wouldn’t have worked. I never shoot at this location since it’s very busy with dog walkers and joggers but someone smiled on us that we didn’t have much in the way of distractions at all!

I knew we had gotten together for family portraits and then mom pulled out these gorgeous dresses and I knew we were going to have a hit on our hands. First of all you know I love a good majestic unicorn, so this was right up my alley! I adore how these images came out, how I was able to capture their personalities and sweet little moments between sisters. The Big sister was playing peek a boo with her younger sister and had her laughing so much. These two really are sweet together.