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As a Photographer one thing I hear over and over again is the term “I Wish” usually followed by a missed opportunity that can’t be recreated.

They often go like this:

“I wish I would have taken maternity pictures” or

“I wish I would have gotten pictures when the kids were still tiny” or

“I wish I would have gotten pictures of just my husband and I”

Often one “I Wish” I hear from moms is “I Wish I had more Pictures of just me and the kids, I’m always the one taking them”.

Another HUGE Comment is

“I wish I had more pictures with my mom.”

Someday pictures are all we are going to have. I began my business with my mission to get women in front of my lens for their children.

It was inspired by someone I know who’s only existing photo of her mom was of her mom trying to hide behind someone and from the camera.

Her mother had past suddenly and that was the only picture of her mom that existed.

At a young age this struck a cord with me.

Every chance I get, I try to get a few decent photos with a real camera of Lincoln and I. Yes, I take snapshots and selfies with silly filters but those are not going to be the images he treasures when he is a man.

The images we will treasure are the ones that show our love.

My favorite images (and the ones that make me tear up) are the shots that we are connecting, when he’s looking deep in my eyes with a knowing look that I will never let anyone hurt him.

As well as the images that he’s laughing and giving me the smile that he reserves just for his Mama. Those are the ones that I will treasure and he will keep close to his heart and be able to show his children and grandchildren.

You see, portraits aren’t just for us, they are for our children and grandchildren. Portraits are for future generations, they will tell our stories.

When you imagine years from now, your son or daughter saying “This is my mom and I” What kind of picture do you want them to be holding in their hand?

I for one don’t want my story told with a face warping cat eared snap chat filter (not how I want to be known when I’m a great grandma). I beautiful classic portrait that I can hang on the wall and place a print into a family photo album is essential for my story, and my son’s story to be told to future generations.

Ok yeah, I get a little soap boxy about this, but it’s something I’m TRULY Passionate about.

Now along with all the “wishes” I hear as a photographer I also hear a lot of excuses. “I’ll do it when I loose 20 lbs.” “Ugh. I hate having my picture taken.” “We have so much going on with school and sports I just don’t have time.”

Excuses. Excuses. Excuses.

NOW is the best time to do this. Children don’t keep, tomorrow they may no longer fit in the pants you just bought last week. If your a mom you know the struggle of sudden growth spurts!

What you look like now is part of your story and who your kids know as their mama. We all go through seasons in this crazy life. Hard times and beautiful times, but one thing is constant, time keeps marching on. There will never be a perfect time. There just won’t be. Something will always seem to get in the way.

Sometimes that thing is ourselves and our insecurities. Your kids, LOVE YOU, just as you are. You are their MAMA. You are their world. They do not care now or 20 years from now if you aren’t the weight you were before they were born. You are beautiful, they can see that, now its your turn.

For those who “Hate” having their picture taken, I challenge you to get out of your comfort zone.

Come have a little fun with me. Let’s get you and the kids playing, dancing, and snuggling.

I will just lightly guide you and just capture your real authentic moments with your kids.

Create images that show their silly little personalities and the love in their eyes for you and yours for them. It doesn’t have to be awkward and uncomfortable, give it a chance.

I will admit, I often use the excuse “I don’t have time”. I’ve been trying to get better with how I devote my time recently. I’m a closet work-a-holic, I spend so much of my time thinking about work and all the things that need to get done. This isn’t fair to my little guy.

We need to find time for the things we actually value, things are an investment in our families futures. We live in a society that seems to reward busy. We feel guilty when we aren’t busy, we practically don’t know what to do with ourselves.

I’ve made it a point to schedule more time and adventures with my son. In fact one of those adventures is a photo session with a friend. I can not wait to find my favorite image from that session and have it framed.

Everyday I look at the framed photo of Lincoln and I from when he was 6 months old and I was 50lbs heavier and I still love it.

So you see, I’m writing this blog post out of experience.

Two years ago I was that mom who desperately wanted photos of my baby and I but was so self conscious about my weight that I almost didn’t bother.

I get it. I do.

I’ve come to the realizations that I’ve listed above. My son loves me weather I am 50lbs heavier or a weight I’m more comfortable with. He Loves me when I don’t always love myself or when I’m anxious about a situation. He loves me when I make it a point to do something special with him and leave the busy behind.

He Loves me.

And I love him with a love no one can describe. If you are a parent you know the love I’m talking about. It’s a love that makes you go out of the way for your children’s happiness.

So Mom, please consider celebrating this crazy life we call motherhood with me. Allow me to capture the beautiful relationship between you and your children.

These aren’t “just pictures” these are an investment in how your story is told years from now. Please trust a professional. My 15 years of experience as a photographer and my few years as a mama, help me to know exactly what images to capture that you will treasure for generations to come.

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My Son and I.  Do I look “Perfect”? Nope. But look at that expression on his face and the moment he’s sharing with his mama. Y’all, I just put this on the internet… Sorry not sorry as the kids say.

My Son and I.

Do I look “Perfect”? Nope. But look at that expression on his face and the moment he’s sharing with his mama. Y’all, I just put this on the internet… Sorry not sorry as the kids say.

Dana Cook